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What is being decided?

The State Government is committed to improving the delivery of mental health services across our state to support the wellbeing of our communities.

The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist and the South Australian Mental Health Commission are working on the development of a new SA Health Mental Health Services Plan, to be delivered to the Government by March 2019. It will build on the directions outlined in the SA Mental Health Strategic Plan 2017-22 and will align with the 5th National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan.

The plan will benefit users of mental health services, and enable our skilled and dedicated staff to deliver services of the highest quality, which are safe and have in-built protection systems that ensure the rights of people who use our services are respected and maintained.

We want to ensure that key stakeholders, particularly people with lived experience and those most affected by decisions made, are involved at all stages of the development, implementation and evaluation of the new SA Health Mental Health Services Plan.

You are invited to have your say on what should be in the plan by providing suggestions, ideas and other feedback.

We want to hear from South Australians about the priorities that should be addressed in the SA Health Mental Health Services Plan.

Get involved

Join the discussion and provide your feedback by:

How can your input influence the decision?

Your input and feedback will be provided to the relevant project work group and taken into consideration in the drafting of the SA Health Mental Health Services Plan before it is released for consultation.

How will your input be used?

Further consultation will take place in December 2018, with the final plan to be delivered to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing in March 2019.

Contact details

For general inquiries, please email HealthMentalHealthfeedback@sa.gov.au.

Closing date Sunday 2 December 2018


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