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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 3 August to 11 September 2020. Below is a record of the engagement.


We want to hear your thoughts on the draft regulations for the revised Mining Act

What’s being decided?

We are looking for feedback to help develop the Mining Regulations to support the Statutes Amendment (Mineral Resources) Act 2019 (revised Mining Act).

The revised Mining Act will:

  • increase landowner rights
  • improve our state’s competitiveness across both the Mining and Agricultural sectors, and,
  • promote further investment in our regions. 

The following video explains how the regulations will be updated.


Because of the broad scope of issues contained within the Mining Act, engagement will be undertaken in three stages. Each stage will have its own information package which will be released on different dates, during the month of August:

  • Package one: Land access - Monday 3 August
  • Package two: Compliance and enforcement - Monday 10 August
  • Package three: Operating approvals - Monday 17 August

We have developed a number of resources to help you understand the regulations and guide your feedback. You can access them visiting the DEM website.

Get involved

Due to COVID-19, stakeholder engagement will focus on digital delivery, using tools such as videos, webinars and online meetings. 

To have your say, read the background information on the DEM website, in particular the draft regulations and:

Note: Stakeholders will be able provide one submission per package, or one submission covering all three packages.

How can your input influence the decision?

Feedback from formal submissions will be collated and provided to the project team to inform the final drafting of the regulations. 

The Department of Energy and Mining will consider feedback that aligns with the Mining Act and the DEM Strategic Direction 2018 to 2021, and is considered to improve the draft regulations towards more effective and efficient implementation of the Mining Act.

What are the next steps?

The opportunity to provide a submission on the draft mining regulations will begin from the 3rd of August 2020 and conclude on Friday 11 September 2020.

This website will be updated as the Department releases each information package.

Contact details

For further information contact:

Mining Regulations Team
Department for Energy and Mining
GPO Box 320 
Adelaide SA 5001

Closing date: 5.00pm, Friday 11 September 2020