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What more can be done to save lives on our roads?

About 100 people are killed in crashes on South Australian roads each year. Another 700 people are seriously injured. The trauma for families affected by these tragedies is immeasurable.

If we want to protect our family, friends and neighbours from the trauma of road crashes, we need to think about the changes we can make to save lives.

This is an opportunity for you to contribute and to help guide the policies that will save lives on our roads. Read the Issues Paper and discuss your ideas with family and friends and share your thoughts by completing the Community Attitudes Survey.

Have your say

We want to hear your thoughts about what can be done. What do you believe is important? What changes are you prepared to accept to keep you and your loved ones safe on our roads?

Your views will help develop the next Road Safety Action Plan 2017-2020. 

You can have your say by:

  1. Reading the issues paper (PDF, 512KB) - this will help you find out more about what can be done to save lives on our roads.
  2. Completing the survey

By completing the survey, your views may influence government decision-making on introducing new laws and programs aimed at reducing the road toll. Feedback will close at 5pm, Friday 29 May.

Note: This survey is managed by Colmar Brunton Research, which is a market research company that is external from the South Australian Government. Colmar Brunton Research is a member of Australian Market Social Research Society and European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research.

You can find out more about South Australia's Road Safety Strategy, Towards Zero Together at

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