25 October 2017

Update on the Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Simplify No 2) Bill 2017

The Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Simplify No 2) Bill 2017 was introduced to Parliament on Simplify Day, 10 August 2017 and passed the House of Assembly on Wednesday, 18 October 2017.  

You can track the progress of the Bill here: http://www.parliament.sa.gov.au

19 September 2017

Simplify Day 2017: Industry submissions and stakeholder engagement

We would like to acknowledge the significant participation of our industry and business partners, and the valued contributions from individual members of the community as part of Simplify Day 2017.

The Simpler Regulation Unit received written submissions for Simplify Day 2017 from the following Industry and Professional Associations:

  - Apple & Pear Growers Association of South Australia

  - Business SA

  - Consult Australia

  - Grain Producers SA

  - Hair & Beauty SA

  - Horse SA

  - Housing Industry Association

  - Local Government Association

  - Master Builders Association of South Australia

  - Primary Producers SA

  - Property Council of Australia (SA Division)

  - Royal Automobile Association

  - SA Freight Council

  - South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy

  - South Australian Public Transit Association

If you would like more detail about these submissions please contact the Simpler Regulation Unit at simplifyday@sa.gov.au.

Of the over 200 contributions received for Simplify Day 2017, we received 9 YourSAy comments, 96 emails, 95 responses to our Making it Easier to do Business survey, and a raft of suggestions from government agencies.

In addition, we met with over 40 industry associations and attended three business roundtable meetings facilitated by Members of Parliament.

From this diverse network of contributors over 100 ideas were gathered and provided to public sector agencies for evaluation; culminating in the legislation, regulations, and announcement of commitments to future reform on Simplify Day 2017.

10 August 2017

Simplify Day 2017 Update

The South Australian Government’s second Simplify Day was held on 10th August 2017.  Simplify Day is the annual day for cutting red tape and regulatory burden for SA businesses and individuals – making sure our State is an attractive place to run a business, to work and to live.

This year 41 Acts and 27 regulations will be amended in areas such as transport licensing and registration, fisheries and agriculture, second hand vehicle dealers and commercial property management.  In addition, 11 Acts of Parliament will be repealed bringing the total number of laws to be eliminated by Simplify Day to 22

Reforms in 2017 include expanding the options available for direct debiting vehicle registration, red tape reduction in the second-hand vehicle dealer industry, six monthly registration for caravans and light trailers, streamlining the application process for new lease areas for tuna farmers (saving applicants 2-3 months each year off the process) and adding online publishing flexibility for public notifications supporting our Digital by Default Declaration to name just a few. 

Commitment to future reforms include cutting red tape through a targeted approach to industry reform starting with a focus on reducing regulatory burden for small scale premium and artisan food and beverage producers, a joint State and Local Government Red Tape Taskforce to support small business, and a number of other specific reforms in the areas of planning, real estate and tourism.

We understand that the best way to simplify regulation is by listening to the priorities of our business and industry partners, and the experiences of our citizens interacting with government.  We will continue to explore and develop ideas to simplify laws and regulations, improve compliance and remove duplication.  Please send your ideas to us at simplifyday@sa.gov.au.

You can read more about our red tape reduction efforts and regulatory reform achievements in the Simplify Day Report (PDF 3.8 MB).

22 June 2017

Simplify Day 2017 Update

The Simpler Regulation Unit has received over 200 responses that have been assessed and, where supported, amendments to legislation are being prepared for inclusion in this year’s Simplify Day bill.  Ideas are also being considered and prioritised for potential changes to regulations, inform changes to policy or business practices, or as commitments to future reform.  A process is also being undertaken to identify obsolete and unnecessary Acts.  A number of pieces of legislation have been identified for repeal this year.

Representatives from the Simpler Regulation Unit, in collaboration with the Department of State Development, have been meeting with industry and professional associations and small business groups as part of our ongoing engagement strategy to hear how Government can simplify regulatory burden in South Australia.  This has coincided with the Department of State Development’s work in developing the Small Business Statement and industry action plans.  “Keeping business costs competitive and reducing red tape” is a key action in the Government's objective to “make South Australia the best place to do business”.

In addition to meeting with industry and business, constructive business roundtable forums have been held in Gawler, Salisbury and Plympton Park involving local Members of Parliament and over 35 small and medium businesses.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the range of industry and business representatives that have shared their time and contributed their ideas during these discussions. 

3 May 2017

Assessment of the public consultation

Currently, the Simpler Regulation Unit in collaboration with State Government agencies, is progressing the assessment of the public consultation derived from the YourSAy online discussions and feedback received via email. This engagement will contribute to the identification of those initiatives that will be incorporated into Simplify Day 2017. 

In addition, consultation is continuing with Industry Associations to identify opportunities to enhance the regulatory business environment in South Australia. This complements our recent Business Survey, the responses to which are currently being reviewed and will be considered as part of the Simplify Day package of reforms.

5 April 2017

Simplify Day 2017 Update

Thank you for your contributions during our YourSAy consultation period for Simplify Day 2017. In addition to the online discussion, we also received a significant range of responses via our email option during our consultation process this year.  

We will now review all responses received during the YourSAy consultation period and evaluate them.  This process, in collaboration with relevant State Government agencies, will enable us to determine the opportunities available to address the issues you have raised and explore the potential to implement the initiatives you have identified.   

You can keep updated on progress for this year’s Simplify Day here. You can also continue to monitor developments in relation to the implementation of outcomes from the 2016 Simplify Day

Although this year’s YourSAy discussion period has closed, you can continue to provide your ideas, suggestion and feedback for red tape reduction in SA, throughout the year at simplifyday@sa.gov.au.