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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 15 June to 12 July 2020. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of the engagement.


The following is an excerpt and summary from the draft Master Plan on the key areas for feedback and input.

State Sports Park vision

The vision developed with stakeholders is to further develop State Sports Park as a home for national, state and community sports, while adding new functions including as a community recreation precinct.

The vision is for a State Sports Park that is more accessible, more welcoming, more active with people, greener and more integrated than today.

Suggested sports and activities

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Below is a list of suggested activities that could be held within the precincts. You can have your say via the polls on the States Sports Park Map tab.

Cycling and Environmental Precinct

  • Criterium Circuit
  • BMX
  • Cyclocross
  • Pump Track
  • More Public Use of the Super-Drome
  • Foresters Appreciation
  • Picnics
  • Events
  • Other activities, suggestions or comments

Community Sport and Recreation Precinct

  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Netball
  • Cricket
  • AFL Football
  • Events
  • Panoramic/elevated views
  • Other activities, suggestions or comments

Mixed Use Precinct

  • South Australian Sports Institute
  • Sports Administration headquarters
  • Hi tech sports enterprises
  • Health and wellbeing services
  • Recreation centre
  • Community centre
  • Sports retail
  • Cafe
  • Sports accommodation
  • Events
  • Other activities, suggestions or comments

Hockey Precinct

  • State level hockey
  • Club level hockey
  • Hockey events, e.g. Masters games
  • Other potential uses eg. lacrosse, rugby
  • Events
  • Other activities, suggestions or comments

Football (soccer) Precinct

  • State level games
  • Soccer events e.g. Masters, World Cup matches. etc
  • Community based soccer
  • Indoor soccer
  • Links with Unity Park
  • Events
  • Other activities, suggestions or comments

Public access (via foot, car, bicycle or public transport)

To align with our vision, we are working to make the park more accessible and open for community use. Below is a map of the access points, as well as a list of suggested additions.

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  • New access from Briens Road (signalised) and Grand Junction Road
  • Internal and community connections
  • Additional school access
  • Realign Anna Meares Way to approach
  • Super-Drome directly for vista and removal of sharp bend
  • All internal roads designed for slow speeds for ped/cyclist safety and to discourage rat running
  • Detailed configuration to be confirmed via traffic study
  • Connecting precincts within State Sports Park
  • Connecting to surrounding communities
  • Access and recreation functions
  • Shared parking between precincts
  • Overflow car parking around State Sports Park

Design or environmental features

The below principles are intended to inform design teams, project implementation, and ongoing management of State Sports Park.

1. Sports plus!

  • Create quality functional spaces for:
  • National and state level sports
  • Grass roots and community sports networks
  • High participation and niche sports
  • Community events and recreation
  • Active and healthy lifestyles
  • Sports business opportunities
  • Support facilities (healthcare, coaching, training, accommodation, offices, healthy eating)
  • High tech sports precinct
  • Secondary and tertiary education links

2. This place

  • Use topography, views, water, landscaping and trees as an advantage
  • Create memorable, meaningful and diverse experiences for all users (players, spectators, staff and visitors)
  • Create a greener place integrated with activities
  • Enhance the architectural presence of the Super-Drome by celebrating vistas and context
  • Sustainable energy systems and water cycle
  • Water sensitive urban design approach to stormwater, irrigation, water reuse and environmental amenities
  • Owned and loved by the broader community

3. Open up, link up

  • Easy access from all directions by walking, cycling, bus and car (including loading and servicing)
  • Easy internal movement with minimum barriers (level changes, fences, etc)
  • Links between venues and activity spaces
  • Create safe and welcoming spaces which encourage activity 7 days a week
  • Clear and well located wayfinding signage
  • Design people focused streets, spaces and links
  • Open up site edges with more views in and more access points
  • Maintain connectivity of stormwater networks through State Sports Park

4. Partnerships and resources

  • Encourage new and existing partnerships and collaboration
  • Plan for commercially viable activities
  • Encourage sharing of facilities and resources
  • Innovative, efficient, flexible and sustainable design of all facilities and infrastructure


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