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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 6 April to 29 May 2020. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of the engagement.


Volunteers are the heart of our state. Over 900,000 people – that’s approximately 70% of South Australians – freely donate their time and efforts to volunteer initiatives that contribute approximately $5 billion to our economy every year.

In 2014, we released the Volunteering Strategy for South Australia 2014-2020 in partnership with Business SA, the Local Government Association of South Australia and peak volunteering advocacy body Volunteering SA&NT. The Strategy provides a coordinated and collaborative blueprint for action, identifying opportunities to promote and sustain volunteering until 2020.

A formal Volunteering Strategy Partnership Board comprising representatives of each partner and an independent chairperson governs the strategy. Working groups are identified to deliver initiatives and address specific issues associated with the four key areas of the strategy.

The current Volunteering Strategy has successfully delivered a range of volunteering initiatives across the state. Highlights include:

The current Volunteering Strategy will conclude in December 2020. The resources and tools developed have positively impacted on South Australia 900,000+ volunteers.

The complete 2014-2020 Volunteering Strategy document can be read online at the Volunteering Strategy for South Australia website.

The second Volunteering Strategy will be in place for a further 6 years and ensure the partnership’s sustained focus and commitment to the volunteering sector. Incorporating lessons learned from the first Volunteering Strategy, the second Volunteering Strategy will introduce a more flexible governance structure and deliver on initiatives that grow and support volunteering in South Australia.