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We want you to tell us what your views are on alternative finance options that could unlock capital for small businesses. We want to find out how you think funding could be more easily found or accessed by those who are looking to start up a new venture.

The Department of State Development aims to drive economic growth and job creation. If businesses could be supported to overcome one of the key barriers to growth, which is access to capital, jobs will be created and the economy can grow.

You can be involved by taking the survey, or joining in the discussion - tell us what would encourage you to invest your money in small business or what your ideas are on ways that small businesses could raise capital.

Barriers to accessing capital or funding for South Australian businesses can include:

  • unrealistic terms offered by financial institutions;
  • insufficient collateral;
  • private retail investors not able to easily access equity options; and
  • risk and returns difficult for financiers and investors to understand.

Current government support of small to medium business (SMEs) takes the form of grants, subsidised or guaranteed loans, resources to provide information and build capability, or programs which facilitate access to advice and support. These initiatives provide crucial support, and have a positive impact on the future of business in this state; however, they are generally reliant on consistent government funding or access to a government guarantee.

The South Australian market has historically underinvested in venture capital, with institutional investment virtually non-existent, leaving a significant funding gap, particularly for early stage companies.

What other options are there?

An opportunity lies in unlocking the capital or potential funding opportunity that resides within every South Australian who may be able invest in local business. This could be made possible through alternative finance options, such as crowd funding and peer-to-peer lending - the alternatives are endless.

Which way should South Australia go? Globally, there is significant momentum behind the introduction of alternative finance models, enabling rapid and competitive finance and better connecting investors and businesses. How will South Australia create and maintain an advantage in this space?

Tell us how you would unlock capital to drive business growth, jobs and the economy in South Australia.



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