This consultation has now closed, but you can read the Position Paper here and join the conversation.


We want to hear your thoughts about how we can support food trucks in South Australia.

Food trucks are an opportunity for energetic entrepreneurs to test their ideas in the marketplace. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in food trucks, both by consumers keen to sample different food in a relaxed setting, and by traders seeking to create new business opportunities in a flexible and relatively low cost setting. Their popularity has spread across the world, with many cities now highlighting their food trucks as an important part of their unique culture and identity.

The flexibility and relatively low start-up costs for food trucks enable people to have a go at creating opportunities and jobs in South Australia.

What we're engaging on

The Government wants to do what it can to support food truck ventures and ensure such entrepreneurial activity is not handicapped by unnecessarily complex and changing regulation. A discussion paper has been released that briefly explores the regulations that mobile food vendors must currently comply with, and proposes several ideas for simplifying this 'red tape' and other measures to support food trucks.

The goal is to achieve a future for food trucks where there is balance in the marketplace and consistency across councils throughout the state. Ideas raised in the discussion paper include a simpler permit system, offering rebates on vehicle registrations and offering greater freedom for food trucks to operate on State Government land.

Have your say

We want South Australians to have their say on food trucks. Your feedback will help inform how the government supports food trucks in South Australia. You can provide comment on the discussion paper by:

Comments are open until Friday 15 January 2016. 


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