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South Australia is choosing a fossil emblem to join our existing emblems of the Sturt’s desert pea, the hairy-nosed wombat, the opal gemstone and the leafy sea dragon. You can help to decide which ancient sea creature will be the fossil emblem for our State - cast your vote here.

What is being decided?

One of four fossils will be chosen to be South Australia’s fossil emblem. A State fossil emblem will help generate pride in our State’s natural wonders and a sense of ownership for our unique fossil heritage.

The four fossil candidates are all ancient marine creatures that lived in the Flinders Ranges 645 to 542 million years ago when the area was covered by an inland sea. The Ediacaran animals are the oldest known animals on Earth and the ancestors of today’s sponges, corals, sea-snails, worms and crustaceans. The Ediacaran fossil site in South Australia is where these creatures were first discovered and is one of the best in the world. Want to know more about these fossils - check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

The four candidates for the State fossil emblem are:

  • Spriggina floundersi: found in South Australia and nowhere else in the world. It has a curved head and a segmented body tapering towards the tail end. It is named after South Australian geologist Reg Sprigg, who discovered the first Ediacaran fossil.
  • Dickinsonia costata: the largest of the Ediacaran species found in South Australia. It is a circular, flattened worm with segments radiating out from the centre. It can be as small as a fingerprint or as large as a car tyre.
  • Tribrachidium heraldicum: an unusual disc-shaped creature unrelated to any animals living today. It has three spiralling ‘arms’ radiating from the centre covered by sieve-like nets that may have helped it trap food.
  • Parvancorina minchami: a small, shield-shaped creature with a ridge on its back like an anchor. It was discovered by Hans Mincham, the first information officer at the South Australian Museum.

How can your input influence the decision?

Your vote will help decide which fossil will become the State's fossil emblem. Voting opens 11 July 2016 and closes 21 August 2016 - vote for your favourite fossil.

You can also visit the South Australian Museum online or in person to see 3D displays, animations and exhibits of the four Ediacaran species vying to be the state fossil emblem.

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State Fossil Emblem Announced


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