This consultation has closed and you can now download the Healthy Kids Menu Taskforce's report here


There is a community groundswell towards healthier eating, and a lot of interest in the industry to provide healthy choices. We want your ideas on how to improve menus for children when families are out and about.

Australians are spending a greater percentage of their household income on food and dining out. We also know that childhood obesity is on the rise, impacting on the long-term health of South Australians.

The Premier's Healthy Kids Menus Taskforce would like your feedback, including help with answering the following questions in the online discussions below:

Question #1: We know people are not choosing healthy meals when dining out. Why is this?

Question #2: What could be done to support clubs, pubs, cafes and restaurants to offer healthier choices for kids?

Question #3: How can we help children and families to demand and purchase healthy options when dining out?

**NEW** Question #4: What healthy options would you like to see on kids menus?

You can join in the conversation in the online discussion below, and via social media using #healthykidsmenus

The call for comments and suggestions closes on Friday 4 September so come help us out by sharing your views.

Next Steps

Your comments and ideas will contribute to helping children and families make healthy choices when dining out. Your input will ultimately influence the taskforce's development of their recommendations to the Premier, and will also be shared with industry.

Following your feedback, the Healthy Kids Menu initiative was successfully piloted and has since launched at a number of venues across the state. Check out the website - - to find your local venue.


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