We want to develop an innovation framework for South Australia in collaboration with you.

The South Australian Government is inviting you and a broad section of innovation leaders – including thinkers, entrepreneurs, funders and mentors - to build an innovation framework in South Australia.

This builds upon work that has already been undertaken including the feedback we've received on a report commissioned by the South Australian government into ways to improve the commercialisation of research in South Australia, attract more venture capital, and provide better support for our innovative start-up companies.

What's the innovation framework all about?

South Australia is in the midst of a significant economic transformation as we transition towards the industries of the future. Innovation will be a key factor that will drive our prosperity, job creation and support our quality of life to strengthen South Australia’s position as part of a modern economy.

This initiative is about how we, as a society, work together to create the conditions for even greater innovation success into the future – having regard to both South Australia’s unique strengths and characteristics, and emerging global opportunities.

The innovation framework gives some shape to this endeavour. If we have a shared strategic intent and common language we can improve collaboration across sectors and across organisations. We could enhance South Australia’s capacity to absorb, adapt, generate and share new ideas. We could be more effective in working together to build our economic and social prosperity.

This framework may also inform the Government’s own innovation policy in future.

What is the process to create the framework?

1. Innovation Framework Co-design Workshop - An initial high level workshop was held in May with a small group of leading innovators in South Australia to explore the higher-order questions and principles to provide the broad context, perspective and purpose of an innovation framework. The outcomes of this workshop will be made available for the broader innovation community to comment on, contribute to and play a part in via our crowdsourcing platform.

2. Innovation Framework: Session II - Building on the outcomes of the first workshop, this event aims to bring together the collective wisdom of the wider innovation community to start building the innovation framework. The aim is to develop a shared strategic intent and common language to improve collaboration across sectors and across organisations. We could enhance South Australia’s capacity to absorb, adapt, generate and share new ideas. We could be more effective in working together to build our economic and social prosperity.

3. Online collaboration - We'll be using a variety of online tools to enable the shared, collaborative development of the innovation framework.

How can you get involved?

We want your help to develop the Innovation Framework. You can get involved by:

  1. Voting on the suggestions from our recent workshop: 
  2. Adding your own suggestions to any of the forums above.
  3. Coming to the next workshop: Limited spaces are available for general public at our next workshop. Click here for details.

A separate process is being run to obtain feedback on the report that was commissioned by the South Australian government to explore ways to improve the commercialisation of research in South Australia, attract more venture capital, and provide better support for our innovative start-up companies. You can contribute to this process here.

Want to know more?

Contact us via bettertogether@sa.gov.au or follow the discussion on Twitter via the #SAinnovation hashtag.