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Consultation closed but work is still underway

Consultation on the Kingscote Wharf Unsolicited Proposal for a microbrewery/distillery has now closed. Responses are being reviewed and incorporated into the Stage 2 assessment of the proposal.

Community consultation is an important aspect of the assessment process and we thank all those who provided their feedback, completed the survey, emailed the Council or Department or attended on the drop in days. 

Further information will be provided once the outcome of Stage 2 is determined.


How would a distillery and microbrewery on Kingscote Wharf impact business, tourism and community opportunities in Kingscote and Kangaroo Island?

What is being decided?

Bickfords Australia has approached the South Australian Government with a proposal for a distillery and microbrewery on Kingscote Wharf. The proposal is being considered under the Guidelines for the Assessment of Unsolicited Proposals.

Bickfords has provided plans to share with the community showing what they are hoping to achieve. Download the proposal images here (PDF, 2.3MB). You can also download the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 140KB) document.

The land that Bickfords has applied to purchase contains the old Kingscote Police Station and the Gaol cells, and is dedicated to the Kangaroo Island Council for community purposes. This means that while the State Government owns the land, the Kangaroo Island Council has the care, control and management of the site. The Council currently has the site on its community land register, to use for community purposes. 

Before making a decision on this potential sale of land, Government is seeking feedback on whether the community land classification should be revoked. Does the Kingscote community think they will get more benefit from having the unsolicited proposal go ahead than if the land continues to be maintained by the Council for community use?

As part of the assessment process, we also want to know what the broader South Australian community think of the proposal. What do you think the impact of the proposal will be on tourism and regional economic growth? Do you think it will benefit Kingscote, or do you think there are negatives that outweigh the advantages?

How can your input influence the decision?

Your input will help shape the recommendations made in the Assessment Report, provided to the Unsolicited Proposals Assessment Panel, Steering Committee and Cabinet. 

The Assessment Report will address five key criteria:

  1. No Competing Proposals
  2. Community Need/Government Priority
  3. Uniqueness of the Proposal
  4. Value for Money
  5. Capacity and Capability of Proponent

You can come to an information session on June 20 or 21, complete the survey, join the online discussion or send in a submission via  Anna Baulderstone, Case Manager - Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources to get involvedSome of the questions we want the community to provide feedback on are:

  • What is the best way the proposal can meet Community and Government needs? Is there more to this proposal we should be considering?
  • Do the benefits of the proposal to South Australia outweigh the costs? What do you think the benefits may be? What might the costs be?
  • Should the proposal or parts of it be open to competition? Why or why not?

Your comments will be collated and provided to the Assessment Panel. The feedback provided through YourSAy and other community engagement opportunities will inform the Government assessment on whether this proposal should proceed.

How will your input will be used?

The information provided during this consultation will be used in the Stage 2 Assessment of this proposal. The outcome of the Stage 2 Assessment will be published on this YourSAy page and on the DEWNR website. 

An announcement will be made that the proposal has either moved to Stage 3: contract negotiation, or will not proceed.

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