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Simplify Day 2017

Tell us about specific rules and processes that are outdated, don't add value and make it more difficult to simply get on and grow the economy and create jobs.

What is being decided?

Over the next 30 days, the State Government is asking you to think hard, talk to your family, friends and community and tell us what makes it difficult for you to do business in South Australia.

We want to know about specific rules and processes that are outdated or unnecessary – things you think do not add value, make interacting with government time consuming  and generally make it more difficult to simply get on and grow the economy, business and create jobs. 

Many government rules and processes are in place to safeguard the community, the environment, protect consumers and uphold the integrity of commerce. The Government does not intend to take away fundamental protections, but the way in which rules are enforced can always be done better, and that's what this initiative is about.

  • Government rules and processes: We want to hear about Government rules and processes that are outdated and unnecessary that impact on your business and prevent you from employing people and growing. 
  • Compliance: If you are a business owner, what State Government obligations do you find unnecessary? Tell us about compliance activities that are important but are overly complex and stop your business from growing?
  • Competitiveness: Do you have examples of state government rules and regulations that make SA a more difficult place to do business than other states and territories?
  • Duplication: Are there instances where a business has to deal with more than one government department on similar rules?

If you don’t want to publish your ideas directly onto YourSAy, then send your responses to this email address:

How can your input influence the decision?

Economic Priority 7: South Australia – the best place to do business is all about improving the business environment in South Australia.

In simple terms, outdated and unnecessary Government rules cost time and money, add little value and can be very frustrating. 

The State Government has heard, loud and clear, that business and community members are annoyed by red tape and want change. To address this we will get rid of, in partnership with South Australians, obsolete, cumbersome and counterproductive rules and administrative procedures that hinder growth, investment and innovation in the South Australian economy. This will be known as Simplify Day.

The State Government has recently undertaken reviews in Planning, Liquor Licensing, Return to Work South Australia (formerly WorkCover) and Taxation, which have been done in partnership with the community. The Simplify Day work will complement and build on these reviews. 

How will your input be used?

We will take your comments and discuss them with industry and other interested groups to work out the best way forward. Ultimately Cabinet approval will be sought to amend or abolish laws which are counterproductive to business or redundant, the aim is to table this in Parliament on 15 November 2016.

We will let you know what has happened as a result of this initiative through a report that will be published on the YourSAy website at the end of the process. This will indicate what was heard and what we plan to change as a result.

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