This consultation has now closed, and the strategy and action plan have been launched. Click here for all the details.


We’ve worked closely with stakeholders and the community to develop a draft action plan for the future of nature-based tourism in South Australia’s national parks, marine parks and reserves.

This is your chance to share your views on the plan that has been developed.

What is being decided?

The draft Nature-based Tourism Action Plan (PDF, 473KB) outlines ten actions that aim to boost nature-based tourism, while supporting the ongoing conservation of our natural and cultural heritage.

The plan reflects the advice of tourism operators, environmental groups, traditional owners, local government, relevant stakeholders and interested community members about what government can do to support nature-based tourism in South Australia.

Over the next few months as we are finalising these actions, the State Government will be developing a Nature-based Tourism Strategy. The Nature-based Tourism Strategy will outline the Government’s aspirations to make South Australia a world leader in providing nature-based tourism, and will identify key investment priorities to make that happen. This will also support the SA Government’s ambitious objective to create 10,000 new jobs in tourism by 2020.

How your input can influence the decision

You can help inform the final action plan by completing the survey or joining the online discussion.

There are ten actions for you to consider and provide feedback on, including:

  • creating outstanding tourism experiences
  • opening up new opportunities for private sector investment in parks
  • case-managing new tourism proposals
  • ensuring business are supported by an enabling policy environment
  • raising awareness of South Australia’s unique appeal
  • streamlining administration, licensing and accreditation
  • hosting a nature-based tourism summit
  • creating an industry advocacy group
  • empowering and building the capacity of community-based tourism networks
  • establishing a ‘whole of government’ leadership task force.

Make sure you get involved in the discussion or the survey before comments close on Monday 26 October.

How your input will be used

Your views will contribute to the final review of the action plan, which we will publish on this page. The final Nature-based Tourism Action Plan will be released as an accompanying document to the Nature-based Tourism Strategy. The Strategy will outline strong aspirations and key investment priorities to place South Australia at the forefront of nature-based tourism experiences. 

Once finalised, the Strategy and Action Plan will be implemented by the South Australian Government in conjunction with other stakeholders and partners. The draft Nature-based Tourism Action Plan has been jointly developed by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources and the South Australian Tourism Commission. For more details visit

The actions in this draft plan are just the start of a very significant change that will drive growth and job creation around an environmentally sustainable, vibrant and more progressive nature-based tourism industry across all of South Australia.


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