Consultation on nuclear future to extend across all of South Australia

29 May 2016

Over 100 sites across more than 60 South Australian towns will be visited during an extensive three month state-wide nuclear engagement program later this year.

Teams from the newly formed Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Consultation and Response Agency will begin visiting communities from late July, travelling across the State to explain the Royal Commission’s report and gather feedback from the community.

All major regional centres, more than 50 remote towns and all Aboriginal communities will be visited in a dedicated program to ensure all South Australians can get involved in the conversation about the State’s future involvement in the nuclear industry.

Major suburban shopping centres and events, such as the Eyre Peninsula Field Days in Cleve (August), and the Royal Adelaide Show (September) are also included.

On Friday, registrations of interest for the first Citizens’ Jury were closed, with 1121 South Australians signing up to take part.


The consultation program will start after the first Citizens’ Jury completes its deliberations in early July, determining the key questions the community should consider and discuss during the metropolitan and regional visits. (The jury will meet on June 25/26 and July 9/10).

The visits are designed as informal “face to face sessions”, where people can drop in at any time between 11am and 7pm to talk to the team, learn more about the Royal Commission’s Report and its recommendations, discuss the issues raised by the Citizens’ Jury and share their views.

Feedback gathered through the consultation process will play a key role in informing the State Government’s response to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Report which will be delivered by the end of the year.

More information about the NuClear? Community engagement process can be found at

Quotes attributable to the Premier:

This is one of the largest – if not the largest – community consultation programs ever undertaken in South Australia. 

We will have teams visiting every corner of the state – out there meeting as many people as possible, talking to them about the report and its recommendations, and most importantly listening to them.

We want to make sure the community get the information they need to understand the choices and be able to put their perspective on this issue. Twitter: @sa_press_sec
Media Contact: Chris Burford 0419 567 989

Quotes attributable to Consultation and Response Agency Director, Engagement, John Phalen:

It’s a significant logistical exercise, but it is important that we get out and talk to as many people as possible. It’s about giving the community the opportunity to learn the facts and get involved.

The format is going to be quite relaxed, so that people can drop-in and have a chat at lunchtime, before school pick up, or on their way home from work.

We’ll be in shopping centres, community centres, libraries, cafes, council offices – places where people go.

We recognise not everyone can get to a formal sit-down session, and that’s why we will be mobile, flexible and are happy to go to where the people are.

We want to give everyone simple and clear information, and we are hoping they will give us a lot of feedback to take back to the State Government, as well as have conversations with their households, workmates and friends.

There has been a lot of feedback through the YourSAy website, and we’d encourage everyone to check in regularly to keep up to date on the visit program and locations.