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We want to know your views on whether legislation needs to change to improve safeguards for residents while ensuring that parks remain a viable business for park owners.

What is being decided?

Residential parks provide a strong sense of community for older citizens at an affordable price. The residents lease a site from the park owner and some also rent a dwelling from the park owner, while others own their own dwelling. These residents also generally intend to live in the park on a long-term basis.

Currently, if a park owner changes business interests then residents must leave the site and relocate their dwelling. This can be quite costly for residents and also upsetting for them to leave their community and family support networks. The lack of long-term security for residents, who are often senior citizens, can cause uncertainty. It is essential to strike the right balance between providing protections for residents and ensuring that parks are profitable for owners.

A discussion paper (PDF, 260KB) has been developed to look at these issues. The discussion paper focuses on three key themes:

  • Disclosure - Ensuring all residents are well informed before signing a lease to move into a park and also during their tenure.
  • Safeguards - Many residents have made a significant financial investment in their home and therefore should be protected throughout their current tenure and beyond.
  • Thriving Residential Parks - It is important that residential parks are successful businesses and continue to provide affordable housing for South Australians.

How can your input influence the decision and how will it be used?

Residential parks in South Australia provide affordable housing options for the community. Your feedback on the discussion paper will contribute to assisting the State Government in developing the necessary changes and improvements. You can get involved in the conversation by downloading the paper (PDF, 260KB) and commenting in the discussion or sending in a submission to

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