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We're seeking your input on the proposed focus areas for South Australia's Copper Strategy.

What is being decided?

The South Australian Government has released a Directions Paper to shape the development of the state's Copper Strategy.

Copper has a key role in the 21st Century. The efficiency of copper aids sustainable construction in a rapidly urbanising world and is important in mitigating the effects of climate change. Growth in copper demand across the world is estimated to outstrip supply from 2020.

The objective is to grow South Australian copper production to one million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) by 2030.

You can provide your feedback on the proposed focus areas and on the specific questions posed in the orange boxes throughout the Directions Paper.

Why is this strategy is so important?

South Australia is home to 68% of the nation's copper resource but current levels of production are well below our potential. A long-term Copper Strategy for the state will enable us to fully realise the potential of our geology and our geography in a sustainable way.

Realising the full potential of our copper resource will help generate jobs, investment and economic growth while linking local companies into global supply chains.

How your input will be used

After the engagement process finishes on 23 October, the Department of State Development will prepare a 'What We Heard' report which will include information about the process undertaken, a summary of key themes that emerged, as well as all of the raw data collected through each activity.

This report will then be used to determine the final shape and direction of the Copper Strategy.

The final strategy is expected to be released in December 2015.

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