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Access to land is critical to our long-term sustainability and international competitiveness, and South Australia has demonstrated this through multiple use regional reserves, marine park networks and opening the Woomera Prohibited Area.  South Australia is a pioneer in this field – we know the immense value of our natural environment to our export sector, economy and way of life. 

The first framework of its kind to be released by an Australian State or Territory means landholders, industry, communities and regulators have a new guide to smarter and better-coordinated land use.

The South Australian Multiple Land Use Framework encourages transparent project planning and decision-making to minimise land use conflict and promote clear engagement and builds on the commitment to engaging in the most effective way with South Australians on decisions that affect them.

The South Australian Multiple Land Use Framework aligns with several of the State Government’s good governance policy initiatives, including Better Together.

The South Australian Multiple Land Use Framework, information booklet and case studies are available here.

Download the Chinese translations: 

The following reports are available here:

  • The 'What we heard' Report – identifies common themes from submissions received and provides a selection of comments on each theme (all identifying attributes have been removed from these comments).
  • The ‘Submission Recommendations and Response to Comments’ and the ‘Response to South East Submissions’ Reports – summarise recommendations from submissions regarding proposed changes to the draft Framework and provides responses to the key questions and concerns raised by individuals and organisations, including specific matters regarding fracture stimulation.
Updates and outcomes
What you said

We're seeking your input into a South Australian Multiple Land Use Framework.

What is being decided?

The South Australian Government has released a South Australian Multiple Land Use Framework, which seeks to minimise land use conflict and provide greater certainty for industry, communities and regulators for the benefit of South Australians. It also seeks to increase transparency and consistency in decision-making. This will enable more effective and targeted engagement with communities on land use change.

Why is the framework so important?

Land in South Australia is used for a variety of economic, environmental, social, cultural and conservation purposes. Access to land is critical to South Australia’s long-term sustainability and international competitiveness.

While existing regulatory frameworks in South Australia require stakeholder engagement and fair compensation for land access and use, it is recognised that managing the differing interests in land use and changes in land use could be improved to adapt with our evolving economy and global challenges. 

How will your input be used?

You can provide your feedback on the Framework, in particular the Guiding Principles and Key Engagement Mechanisms sections of the Framework. Following the engagement process, the framework will be revised before the government considers its release in mid-2016.

After the engagement process ends on 18 December 2015, a government Reference Group will prepare a 'What We Heard' report, which will include a summary of key themes that emerged as a result of the comments received.

The report will then be used to revise the South Australian Multiple Land Use Framework before the South Australian Government considers its release in mid-2016.

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