Multiple Land Use in South Australia

South Australia has had a long history of successful partnerships with regards to multiple land use. In 1988, the Innamincka Regional Reserve was proclaimed to protect the integrity of the internationally significant wetlands of the Cooper Creek system.  The regional reserve classification permits conservation, grazing, petroleum exploration and mining, and managed recreation use to continue side by side, making it the first reserve of its type.  Since then, South Australia has proclaimed an additional six regional reserves over approximately 10% of the state. 

The Woomera Prohibited Area is also a good example of where a collaborative multiple land use approach to time sharing Defence land can provide certainty to future infrastructure and economic development of the WPA, while maintaining existing rights to pastoralists, Aboriginal persons and traditional landowners.

However, access to land to accommodate a wide range of legitimate land uses is becoming increasingly more challenging.  In 2011, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy and Resources Council highlighted the emerging conflict between coal-seam gas developers in Queensland and NSW and landholders and farming communities.  A National Land Access Working Group was formed and tasked with the development of a National Multiple Land Use Framework. It was agreed that states and territories would develop their own multiple land use frameworks.

The National Framework was endorsed in December 2013 and supports the ability of local and regional communities, governments and industry to maximise land use in a flexible, environmentally sustainable manner over time.

In 2013, Rural Solutions SA undertook targeted consultations with key South Australian Government land use regulators on the National Multiple Land Use Framework and the current multiple land use stance in South Australia. These consultations determined that a whole of government approach to the development of a South Australian multiple land use framework would be of benefit to the state. 

The South Australian Government endorsed this approach and in early 2015, a Reference Group consisting of 13 state government agencies was formed to develop the Framework for stakeholder consideration.


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