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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 16 March to 13 April 2020. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of the engagement.


The Government of South Australia has been developing a Youth Action Plan that represents our investment in the best outcomes for all young South Australians (12-24 years). The final Youth Action Plan will outline a number of new cross-government collaborative projects (known as Strong Futures Projects) and the agencies who will work together on these emerging projects..

The Youth Action Plan has been developed in two major stages. Stage One in 2019 involved the following actions:

January - March

We reviewed the consultations representing the voices of 6,000+ young people to identify draft focus areas.

April - July

We started initial testing of focus areas with 47 young people during SA Youth Week. 150 young people also provided broad feedback on focus areas during our YourSAy consultation.


45 young people from across the state participated in a Youth Panel to inform the vision and priorities of the draft Youth Action Plan. 

Watch a video about the outcomes of the Youth Panel.

July - October

In addition, a Cross-government Task Group formed to oversee the development of the Youth Action Plan. Six young people from the Youth Panel joined the Task Group. The Task Group mapped current agency investment in young people and identified partnership opportunities to further outcomes.


The first framework draft including potential new projects was presented to state government agencies.

November - December

The framework was refined and put forward all proposed projects. We also mapped all draft actions to the Child Development Council’s Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People.

Stage Two is now underway. Recognising the scale of current work that already responds to the needs and aspirations of young South Australians, the final section of the draft Youth Action Plan reflects actions already in progress and agreed to by government agencies.

More information about these actions, along with their matching initiatives, will be promoted in the final Plan and supporting website.

Get involved! We especially want to hear about how young people and the community, private or government sectors (outside of state government) could be involved in the delivery of the proposed collaborative Strong Futures Projects in the draft Youth Action Plan.