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Your input will help to define a shared understanding of what it means to be disaster resilient and will help identify new ways that can make South Australia more resilient to future emergencies and disasters.

Join the online discussion below and help us answer: what do the words disaster resilience mean to you?  What ideas do you have that could make South Australia more resilient to future disasters and emergencies. Think big, think small and local, think broad!

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Sorin Barbulescu

19 Jan 2018

I want to make two particular points that I believe could reduce the probability of future disasters:

1. The current electricity network has to evolve to allow a better integration in the grid of private solar power generated electricity. For example, in case of grid failure, it should be possible that households with their own solar power generators to continue to operate and even be able to export their electricity to other households in their neighbourhood. A mobile phone alert system should be put in place before energy consumption reaches critical levels that could lead to grid failure. Smart/remote metering systems should be used. Create "neighbourhood batteries", similar to pico cells in the mobile system, that can allow a few hours energy backup.

2. Improve the water quality of the Torrens River which will lead to the improvement in safety for beach goers. This is a missed opportunity for Adelaide to become a healthier city and also more enjoyable.