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Anthony Toop

05 Apr 2017

Whoops...FIX is actually Suzannah's AND Genevieve's (Toop) innovation. Not me. I am just so impressed with the way these young 28 & 31 YO young guns think and the way they see the world. It's so exciting....making a mark nationally out of Adelaide. Very proud. Very exciting.

Anthony Toop

05 Apr 2017

Anthony Toop
After speaking with Mike Rungie and chatting about our FIX maintenance platform I must say it's potential to resolve issues for the aging is exciting.

This platform is now being sought out in the property market without any marketing. It was highlighted when it won the national Real Estate Institute of Australia (AREI) National award for Innovation.

It excites me that we could pretty easily adapt this to resolve maintenance issues and assist in the Aging Well space.

Thanks Mike for your encouragement and I have quickly put a few details just prior to applications closing.

Malgo Schmidt

29 Mar 2017

Dear Premier,
We need to pass voluntary euthanasia.
Thank you

Daniella Colicchio

21 Mar 2017

Dear Allan. Thank you for your interest. We look forwarding to receiving your application.

Allan Perriam

10 Mar 2017

INNOVO Healthcare will be putting forward our Ustand frame and potentially a second device we are working on.
The Ustand frame is having a huge impact on the lives of older and less able people whilst saving the backs and shoulders of our healthcare workers.
Looking forward to seeing others put forth ideas, products that are more than digital health ideas and new apps. As a species we are doomed if we don't MOVE. INNOVOs goal is to build independence through mobility aids and assistive device solutions.