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If you work in the building, planning or transport industries, what government/council data will assist you make SA a better place?

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Dan Monceaux

23 Nov 2013

We need a public register index of all Section 49 Crown sponsored developments, past and future, including permanently accessible project documentation. Keeping citizens in the dark is poor form- currently the documentation on such projects is only available for three weeks, then it is withdrawn, and there is no public register where longnitudinal information of this kind is available.

Alysha Thomas - Open Data Program Manager > Dan Monceaux

29 Jan 2014

Hi Dan
Great news – the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has released a Development Application Public Register that allows reuse of the development data under an open licence.
This public register enables searching and display of Development Applications where the ‘decision authority’ is the Development Assessment Commission, The Minister, or The Governor, and provides details of development applications for various land use, building, and marine aquaculture applications lodged since 1st January 2010.

You can access the data via the following link

Other open formats for release of this data may be considered in the future.