What are the priorities for young people in South Australia?

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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 9 July 2019 to 2 August 2019. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of this engagement.

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Trent Heaver

29 Jul 2019

I believe that for many of the youth around me, including myself, climate change is certainly our primary concern. With our society continuing to produce single-use plastics which are and will cause further harm moving into our future. I believe that SA is taking some positive steps need to be taken in order to solve this problem before it continues to become worse. I believe that some action is required soon, and it should be reasonably rapid however I also believe that making large radical change over an extremely small time frame is not viable for solving this.
For me personally, one of my primary priorities is that young people can have a say about their future. I am frequently engaged with your say SA and believe that it is helping everybody to achieve this in an excellent way however I also believe that more opportunities should be given in local government as well as in our schools, etc.
- Thank you, Trent

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DHS Youth - Katriona > Trent Heaver

01 Aug 2019

Hi Trent

Thanks for taking the time to tell us your thoughts about the future of SA and how we can potentially make it better for current and future generations. Your comments will be shared with the Youth Panel and Task Group to inform them in the process to develop the Plan. Please continue to keep an eye on yourSAy for how it all progresses and your opportunity to review outcomes later in the year.

Sharif Sharifullah

27 Jul 2019

I'm also a permanent resident and year 9 student in Salisbury East High School. Environment and jobs are the two biggest issues for me. I'm currently a member of the YEC and student Sustainability leader in my school. I have been applying since August 2018 for a job but still haven't got a job. The two important things that I want to see in SA to happen are Banning soft plastics and Shorten the Citizenship time. Banning soft plastic in SA might be difficult but it is very important for our upcoming generations. I am excited to have a say in this wonderful program.

Thank you

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DHS Youth - Katriona > Sharif Sharifullah

01 Aug 2019

Hi Sharif

Thank you for your comments. Great to hear you are active on your issues of passion both in your school and wider community. Your feedback will be considered in the process of developing the Plan, including your specific ideas to address.

Fatima Salihi

26 Jul 2019

I'm currently a permanent resident. I do my Foundation Studies at UniSA and soon will go to Medical Imaging bachelor degree. It is my second year I'm struggling to find a job but I cannot. I'm not allowed to apply for student loan, neither I'm supported by Centerlink. From next year I have to pay about 10,000$ annual which I can't afford. Which force me to leave my education and wait for work. It's not only me, there are hundred other young refugees and migrants who are facing the same problem. We have to either leave our higher education or wait for 5 years to get citizenship. I believe we have to request the Refugee and Migrant services and government to help them either find job or allow them apply for student allowance, or at least shorten citizenship year to 2 or 3 years....


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DHS Youth - Katriona > Fatima Salihi

01 Aug 2019

Hi Fatima

Thank you for sharing your story about your experiences re studying and finding work in SA. Your comments will be included in the feedback to the Youth Panel and Task Group pulling the plan and inform how we can provide the best possible opportunities for young people living in SA.

Ivy Balmer

26 Jul 2019

I am currently in year 12 and I know many students have struggled to find jobs and I know many are worried about findings a job when leaving school. Many students have jobs because of contacts they know but many students don't have as much access. many youths at my school are always thinking about jobs and how they can make money, for finical reasons. I think it's important that schools help students find jobs ad find what they are passionate about, especially with the youth leaving school.

hope this helps in any way :))))

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DHS Youth - Katriona > Ivy Balmer

26 Jul 2019

Hi Ivy

Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback about the importance of supporting young people to access employment when leaving school and find their passion/s.

Your feedbak will be shared with the Youth Panel and agencies in the overall process to development the Plan.

Maddy Kennewell

25 Jul 2019

I think there’s a disturbing trend of promoting “more jobs for South Australia” as if more jobs are the solution for young people. One of the biggest issues is insecure, and underemployment. The casualisation of the workforce has escalated this. Despite drops in the unemployment rate, young people are still financially worse off. Automation and Globalisation have contributed to a society which priorities profit margins of multimillionaire multinationals over young Australians. Local suppliers are no longer dominating our markets, which hurts our communities. 15-24 year olds still make up the highest unemployment bracket. The policy which surrounds who is or who is not employed, pads these numbers, and makes what is a widespread problem seem less of an issue.

What was once a graduate role is now one that requires multiple internships to get in the door.
Additionally, unpaid internships (especially those mandated by universities and other educational institutions) are still placing young people at risk.

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DHS Youth - Katriona > Maddy Kennewell

26 Jul 2019

Hi Maddy

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on priorities for young South Australians, in particular the changing nature of work and young people's unique experience of this.

You raise some good points that we will share with the Youth Panel and agencies in the process to development the Plan.

Elizabeth Britza

24 Jul 2019

Youth from small, regional areas like myself struggle when it comes time to leave school and join the work force. From experience we find it hard to find full time work in our own areas and have to move to the bigger cities to find work. However when we get there we struggle again as we aren’t seen as favorable in employers eyes as we do not have the same educational level in the country as city students. We do not have the access to similar resources and support and therefore not desirable employees in some eyes.
I think there needs to be more support for rural youth who are leaving school and trying to gain full time work after school, but also support on how much this issue puts strain on youth mental health. So many young rural Australian’s struggle with mental health issues but nothing is done as it is not recognized or not treated as we do not have the support systems.
I believe there needs to be more support systems for regional/rural youth.

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DHS Youth - Katriona > Elizabeth Britza

24 Jul 2019

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about the priorities for young South Australians and specifically the supports needed for young people from regional or rural areas.

We would like to see as many young people from regional areas as possible participate in the Youth Panel to ensure their voices are heard in this process. We have some funding available to support transport and accommodation to enable this (and for a guardian to travel with a young person if needed). If you are under 24 we hope you consider nominating or please encourage others to do so.

Tayyma Faye

23 Jul 2019

I know as an individual that I was not ready for life after school.
I was never informed about the responsibilities I would have to face after leaving school and home.

I know I'm not the only one who has faced much difficulty once leaving school/ home.

I personally think that there needs to be more information on what responsibiles young people will have to endure and take on once leaving.

I also think this information needs to be taught at levels 10, 11 and 12.

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DHS Youth - Katriona > Tayyma Faye

24 Jul 2019

Hi Tayyma,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on how young people can be supported post school, recognising that this needs to happen before leaving. We'll take this on board and share your feedback with the Youth Panel and agencies in the development of the Plan.

Don't forget, you are also welcome to nominate for the Youth Panel in August, or encourage others to do so. If you have any questions about it, we can be contacted on 8413 8178.

Amber Finn

23 Jul 2019

I think that priorities for young people today is trying to earn money from jobs as well as having better access to cheap technology facilities such as the ones in public libraries.

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DHS Youth - Katriona > Amber Finn

24 Jul 2019

Hi Amber,

Thanks for sharing your priorities. We will pass this on to the Youth Panel and agencies working together to develop the Youth Plan.

Nominations for the Youth Panel are still open. We are encouraging young people from a diverse range of backgrounds to join us in August. If you are aged between 12 - 24, we hope you consider it!