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Are you working on a digital solution or an innovative service that could benefit from the release of government/council data?

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Cathy Beitz

27 Nov 2013

Access to taxpayer collected data gives entrepreneurs and digital producers scope for solving problems that can be marketed to the world. If you've got it, share it.

Alysha Thomas - Open Data Program Manager > Cathy Beitz

28 Nov 2013

Hi Cathy
Do you think comparable data from all states and territories could provide a greater ability for our local entrepreneurs and digital producers to succeed on a national or global market place? Are there any other data sets you have seen released in other states that you would like to see released in South Australia?

Jeremy Huppatz

26 Nov 2013

I'm looking to build a concierge data analysis/presentation offering as part of my database consulting business. The more data SA Government publishes, the more leverage I have to take meaningful data to clients.

Alysha Thomas - Open Data Program Manager > Jeremy Huppatz

28 Nov 2013

Hi Jeremy
Is there any specific data that could help you? Event data, Location, travel, transport? Free bus services taxi stands? Free bikes? Travel visitor centre locations? Is this the type of data you require ?

Roger Noble

26 Nov 2013

Traffic data - both from commissioned traffic counting surveys (counts by vehicle type) and automated counts from intersection metal detectors.
Even better would be live data feeds from each intersections detectors.

Alysha Thomas - Open Data Program Manager > Roger Noble

28 Nov 2013

Could this data help business make an informed decision about establishing, growing or moving their business locality based on traffic flows. How else could this data be used?

Roger Noble > Roger Noble

28 Nov 2013

It depends on how frequently the data is updated.
Real time data could be used to inform the community about delays during peak road use.
As you've mentioned historical data would help to make informed decisions on retail and billboard locations.
Could even be used for fun, like creating something similar to

Adelaide Entepreneur

22 Nov 2013

Event data for south australia. Include the actual location of the event dates, times, costs, category, (e.g family event, Art, food and wine etc).

Alysha Thomas - Open Data Program Manager > Adelaide Entepreneur

28 Nov 2013

Great idea. Having all the event data out there to be used and promoted by differnt people could really help to make South Australia a vibrant place to live.