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Si Coulls

19 Apr 2017

Why is it that only those that have a disability or have a family member that have a disability or work in the industry are invited to comment? This is nothing more than reverse discrimination.

Sharon (Sass) Lear

18 Apr 2017

Excellent response from David Langston.
Too often, those with disabilities that keep them housebound are not included for consideration.
For example, the event that your hosting could have interactive Web Access available so that everyone can be included.
Furthermore, I don't have Twitter and that is the only option available to Join the Disability Engagement Register.

David Langston

14 Mar 2017

'Regarding matters that affect people with disability ... existing barriers': I believe a "Phone Friend" initiative similar to that of 'Putting Life In Years (PLINY) (Research by University of Sheffield, UK) may be of social inclusion benefit to persons of disability, and to the advantage of other persons suffering from non-social inclusion leading to demotivation and potentially depression. Previous to finding PLINY via Google the "Phone Friend" idea may be not-for-profit with telephone call costs subsidised by Government and telecommunicartions carriers to a range of Pension Groups, e.g. Disability. It is suggested housebound South Australians may be able to commence non-inclusion breaking telephone friendships with bona fide (other pensioners with police clearances) South Australians. The initial stumbling block may be how to provide security to the "Phone Friend Group/s" - perhaps each "Phone Friend" could have a minimum/maximum number of "Phone Friends" allowing a specified number of verbal (telephone) social interactions per week, that is how many South Australians are housebound, have a telephone that rarely rings and few visitors per annum?

Thank you,
David Langston.