Do you agree with the Coorong National Park Management Plan Draft Amendments?

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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 2 December 2019 to 28 February 2020. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of the engagement.

The proposed amendments aim to support the SA Government’s commitment to create new opportunities for families to retain shacks on Crown land and in national parks, as part of vibrant holiday communities.

Read the Park Management Plan Draft Amendments and leave your comment below.

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Denys Smith

19 Feb 2020

I love the natural state of things when I need a break from my busy city life. Buildings detract from the serenity so the fewer the better. The Coorong is a special place with many temporary accommodation sites. I hoped that by natural attrition the permanent structures would either be removed or made available to everyone. Do the current owners pay any rates or taxes to the Government?

Government Agency

Department for Environment and Water > Denys Smith

26 Feb 2020

Thanks for your input Denys, the project team will actively consider your feedback. In answer to your question, yes, all lessees pay an annual fee to lease shack sites in the park.

Brad Nancarrow

09 Feb 2020

Yed shacks should stay

Government Agency

Department for Environment and Water > Brad Nancarrow

26 Feb 2020

Thanks for your comment Brad.

Sarah Macdonald

25 Dec 2019

No. These shacks are on Our land. If they are going to remain they should be made available to everyone not just the priviledged few who got in before the regulations. This is too obviously a ploy to open up our parks for more commercialism as is happening already in the city parklands and Kangaroo Island.

Government Agency

Department for Environment and Water > Sarah Macdonald

07 Jan 2020

Thanks for your comments Sarah. The project team will actively consider your feedback.

Capt. Bouc Jones > Sarah Macdonald

07 Jan 2020

I am concerned with your use of "Our Land". It is possessive. Do you mean "everyone" who believes they are entitled to describe the land as "Our Land"? This sounds a little like 1788 to me. My experience with Coorong shack owners, without exception, has been one of welcome to this beautiful wilderness and please share my shelter and company while you are visiting. They are in many ways the custodians, guides and at time rescue service in this place. If they were to go, then some other form of custodians and guides will be needed to protect it from the uneducated. The shack owners with their continuing love of the Coorong will perhaps add just a little more knowledge about the protection of this unique environment and chastise the uneducated yobs.

Sarah Macdonald > Sarah Macdonald

07 Jan 2020

1788 is when Australia stopped being "our land" and became privatised. Conservation areas and Parklands are the only bits of land that were specifically set aside for the future and people's use. If the shacks are to remain it should be as Parks property, available to hire/rent like any camp site. I would reiterate exactly as I said previously.

Capt. Bouc Jones > Sarah Macdonald

07 Jan 2020

What a marvellous Idea. More paid work for park rangers and forget about the volunteer service provided by the shack "Custodians".

Capt. Bouc Jones

20 Dec 2019

Coorong shacks are a way of life for many families. As with all experiential learning young members of the families become one with the environment and develop a deep love for it. Continuing the tradition is one very effective way of adding more protection to the park. My concern is the concept of family ownership continuing. In several shack ownerships that I know of, it is ofter family AND FRIENDS AND THEIR CHILDREN who develop the love of the environment and have the desire to protect. This concept needs to be expanded so the "Ownership" of the shack can become a matter of gift inheritance from one who loves the privilege to another who will also love the privilege.

Government Agency

Department for Environment and Water > Capt. Bouc Jones

07 Jan 2020

Thanks for taking the time to provide some input and share your views Capt. Bouc Jones. Your feedback will be actively considered by the project team.

Sarah Macdonald > Capt. Bouc Jones

07 Jan 2020

As I said previously, the priviledged few!

David Rawnsley

11 Dec 2019

in essence, but not sure of the outcome of the overall game plan, one would have thought that consideration to have a reinstatement of the original lease together with any up to date property guidelines to be incorporated to allow the shacks to be compliant?

Government Agency

Department for Environment and Water > David Rawnsley

12 Dec 2019

Thanks for your comment David, you raise a good point. The current management plan for the park does not lawfully allow for longer tenure so there must be a change to the management plan to enable this option, subject to shacks meeting any required conditions.