Do you believe developing or improving South Australia's heritage tourism offering should be a priority for growing the Visitor Economy? Why?

Strengthening the connections between heritage and tourism may help grow the Visitor Economy and support tourism activity in our towns and regions.

Read Developing a strategic direction for heritage tourism in South Australia and join in the discussion below.



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Nick Leaver

10 Sep 2019

Absolutely not. South Australia already struggles to articulate its tourism message; adding "heritage tourism" to the mix confuses things even more. SA needs 12 months to refine our global message and 5 years to build momentum from this message.
What percentage of the Australian tourism market is driven by heritage tourism? Very little.

Andrew C > Nick Leaver

11 Sep 2019

Very little Nick, because there is no strategic direction, that's the point of this consultation. So many heritage places are being lost and the Kaurna stories overlooked because there is no support to tell the them. I'm from the UK and grew up surrounded by heritage tourism where the visitor economy just for heritage is massive. It adds billions of dollars to an economy and could result in thousands of jobs because people love history. Not only that but it can link to the education curriculum and lead to school field trips etc. SA is good at the wildlife and nature, food and wine tourism, by adding heritage you are effectively adding another string to your bow. Plus most of these things go hand in hand. There is a 60,000 years story to be told in SA so why not help people tell it.

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