How can we improve the Food Safety Rating Scheme to achieve better Food Safety outcomes?

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Corina Necu

25 Sep 2018

I agree with Stephen. Information should be present somehow in the menus on the origin of ingredients. It could even be like the new system in supermarkets; eg. "our dishes are 80% SA/AUS". I shop at the farmers markets all the time to try to support our locals and make sure the food I eat is of good quality. But how can I do this when dining out?

Bonnie Muckersie

18 Sep 2018

Its a total waste of time if the business chooses to display the certificate or not and it should be compulsory for every business to be participate. The results should be available online. I wouldnt waste my time going to a business if their rating was low and of course if it was low they arent going to display it.

Stephen Pugh

05 Sep 2018

I am concerned at media / local paper articles on some restaurants with infestations, poor cleaning standards. However these places are not named - and i wish to avoid them. I laso have a big issue with not knowing where the food is from - home grown/ caught in SA or possible china stuff. I want to support local growers and food industry in a safe manner. As such i would like to be part of this group

Rosanna Taylor

25 Aug 2018

i would like to be a part of this discussion ....i worked in the food industry many years ago ...
and now as a consumer i am alarmed that food safety standards have dropped a great deal ...