How can we grow the Creative Industries Sector in South Australia?

The Creative Industries sector includes the following sub-sectors:

  • Advertising
  • Broadcasting: TV and Radio
  • Craft
  • Design: Architecture, Fashion, Graphic and Web
  • Festivals
  • Literature and Publishing
  • Music 
  • Performing Arts
  • Screen Production: TV, Film, post production, digital and visual effects (PDV) and Game Development
  • Visual Arts and Photography

Read the Creative Industries Discussion Paper and let us know what we can do to grow the sector in South Australia by commenting in the box below.

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Valeria Alonso

07 Oct 2019

I'm so thrilled for the fantastic work to help grow the creative industries sector in South Australia!

One of the "opportunities" I would like to point out on this paper , is the introductions of languages in the arts. Investing on "languages productions": eg languages theater productions, language plays, film & television, music- investing on languages choirs for the community and in education. In South Australia, "languages" are part of ACARA (Australian Curriculum) which mean 1 in every child is learning a language through education. But, what are we doing with those languages to motivate children and encourage job opportunities by having a language?

this is why we need to introducing "languages" in the arts, because it can bring can bring an economic growth for job opportunities, tourism & international collaborations.

If we want to promote diversity in Australia or overseas opportunities - we need to start looking in implementing "languages" in our creative industries!

Government Agency

Creative Industries > Valeria Alonso

08 Oct 2019

Hi Valeria,

Thank you for your insightful comment, which we will take into consideration when developing our Sector Plan.

If you would like to provide any further feedback, you are welcome to complete the online survey (link is in the 'Get Involved' tab) we’d love to hear more from you about how we can support our creative industries to grow.

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