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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 23 May 2019 to 26 July 2019. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of this engagement.

Read the discussion paper, consider the following questions and join the discussion below.

  • What are the essential services in your community?
  • How would they best be delivered?

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Athol Urquhart

26 Jul 2019

Too many people leave Mt Gambier due to health reasons, where services they need or emergency support for certain conditions are not catered for.
Also too many people have to travel to Adelaide via car or plane to get health checkups and operations etc.
Bring the health services out to us. Ok you wont get 100% in the country but there are key gaps that could be filled by incentivising specialists etc to visit here more.
I travel on rex a lot and see sick people every week having to travel tiring day trips. These are persons suffering with cancer, or specialist appointments and operations e.g. brain, heart or eyes etc or older people.

Suggested: Identify these key gaps and plan to address them for Mt Gambier, so that people are more likely move here and stay here.

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PIRSA > Athol Urquhart

26 Jul 2019

Thank you for your feedback.

Selina Simmons

08 Jul 2019

I live in the Clare & Gilbert Valley council, on the skirt of the council region. It puts me in the Clare Valley and on the doorstep to the Barossa. I am a rate payer, it doesn't come cheap. However, for my council rates all I get is the standard rubbish and recycle collection. No pathways, no stormwater and no acknowledgement by council of problems. We need to get more than what we do, to ensure we feel that we are looked after. Our mobile phone coverage is barely there, and internet although NBN is a joke. How can we as a community grow with so little assistance?

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PIRSA > Selina Simmons

10 Jul 2019

Thank you for your feedback, Selina.

Di DeLaine

27 May 2019

Providing investment in adequate preventative health services etc is critical.
Other services needed (and some not yet provided) that would add to the economy, education and boost tourism (as well as business) would include:
*better mobile phone coverage
*faster internet
*EV charging stations
*Getting the hydrogen industry off the ground would be an important one, given the necessity with the current climate crisis and expected increased demand globally
*More solar and battery storage projects

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PIRSA > Di DeLaine

28 May 2019

Thanks very much for your feedback, Di.

Annette wilson

27 May 2019

Health is a huge essential service. 1. Emergency care. 2. Staffing and retaining staffing and patient safety including security and providing extra mental health service. 3. Resident doctors and specialist services

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PIRSA > Annette wilson

28 May 2019

Hi Annette, thank you for your response.