How can we improve dam and levee bank management in SA?

Read the following discussion papers and tell us what you think.

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Lee Williams

21 Feb 2019

Improving Levee Bank management in South Australia.. page 11.
SEWCDB. ?? A landholder should not damage or modify a levee bank without consent of the authority responsible for operation and maintenance. Will the draft paper also outline the responsibility of the "authority" to construct a levee bank that will not cause flooding. Will the draft also make clear that a levee constructed by the authority will compensate the landholder when the structure fails to be maintained, and be fit for the purpose it was designed.
Maybe the draft could also include, full remediation works to reinstate land used/acquired to its original pre levee state, when or if it is no longer required.
If these "authority" inclusions are not in the draft, it would appear that the landholder could have a huge impost, and the authority has little responsibility, particularly if the landholder does not gain the desired community benefit from the structures on their land.
There is a need to differentiate between natural flooding. And man made flooding, that happens as a direct result of a decision made by the "authority". (the flooding would not have occurred except for that decision for a deliberate action)

Darrell O'Brien

18 Feb 2019

an overflow from MT Bold reservoir could be installed to divert water back to Strathalbyn area