Information at your fingertips

What local information would you like at your fingertips? E.g. Bin collection days, school holidays, student free days, changes to traffic information.

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Scott Turner

27 Nov 2013

High resolution maps, with community overlays - streets, transport routes, community areas, reserves, safe refuse areas.

Google Earth is an excellent tool, however their maps are dated and low resolution, the SA government maintains high resolution maps and numerous datasets, these could be used widely by the community

Alysha Thomas - Open Data Program Manager > Scott Turner

28 Nov 2013

Hi Scott
Would a central place for location and spatial data that is accessible to the public and developers be beneficial? A place you could not only download data but visualise the location data and mashup different layers of location data that are relevant to you?

Sue Forder

26 Nov 2013

I would like to access real time information on where the buses are located for my service displayed on a map centred around my current location

Alysha Thomas - Open Data Program Manager > Sue Forder

28 Nov 2013

Hi Sue
The good news is we have a great team working on this right now at The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI)! More than 3,500 stops now connected to real-time transport info already and we are progressively roll out the Real-Time Passenger Information system to more than 8000 bus, train and tram stops and stations across the Adelaide Metro network.
Customers can check the Adelaide Metro web site to see if their stops have been added to the real-time system.
For more information on real-time, and to see how it works, visit the real time page on
If you are a developer interested in our real time transport plans you can access more information from the following link