Discussion Paper on the Mines and Works Inspections Act 1920 and Regulations

*UPDATE: Grain producers now have until the end March to make submissions to the review of the Mining Act.

The State Government granted the extension due to the late finishing harvest. All other submissions to the review are due Friday 24 February.


Discussion Paper 1 on the Mines and Works Inspections Act 1920 and Regulations (PDF 2MB) has now been released for public consultation. This is the first in a series of three discussion papers to be released as part of the Leading Practice Mining Acts Review. The Mines and Works Inspection Act is now nearly 100 years old and its original intent was around the protection of property and amenity, the prevention of nuisance and the health and safety of mine workers and of the general public who may be affected by mining operations. However, the functions of this Act have now been largely replaced by more modern legislation offering far greater protections. The attached Discussion Paper discusses a number of options for reviewing this legislation. We welcome your views on these options.

Submissions on the paper are open until 24 February 2017. You can lodge your submissions via email DSD.miningactreview@sa.gov.au or by posting to: Department of State Development, Mineral Resources, GPO Box 320 Adelaide, 5001. 

In the interests of transparency, submissions may be published online as part of the Review process. Please advise if you wish for your submission to remain confidential.

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Steven McColl

18 Dec 2016

Australia has most of the World's Thorium at 25% (India second). Thorium S.A. (is in the form of both heavy mineral sands and hard rock deposits).
Apparently an operating Thorium mine is at the Eucla Basin (several hundred km NW of Adelaide). Thorium doesn't need enrichment as apparently all Thorium is the one isotope Thorium-232.
Thorium - a silver metal, atomic number of ninety, look it up if interested further.

Government Agency

yourSAy Engagement Team > Steven McColl

20 Dec 2016

Thank you Steven for your comments.

Mark Parnell

12 Dec 2016

I just sent the following feedback by email:

Dear Ted,
I’ve been on the website and was wondering when the Mining Act review discussion paper will be available?
As it’s later than expected, will you be extending the period for public comment?
In my experience, discussion papers released just before Christmas, with comments closing shortly into the new year, always attract criticism, not the least of which is that the government wasn’t serious about hearing from the community.
Mark Parnell MLC
Parliamentary leader, Greens SA

Government Agency

yourSAy Engagement Team > Mark Parnell

14 Dec 2016

Dear Mark

Thank you for your email and your interest in the Mining Acts Review. At this stage, we expect the Mining Act and the Opal Mining Act discussion papers to be completed and available to download early next week from the yourSAy and DSD Minerals websites.

As you may be aware, a 5-week engagement period on the discussion papers was proposed with the opportunity to seek extensions if required. We are committed to ensuring quality and considered submissions are made and therefore timing of the consultation is important. On 30 November, Minister Koutsantonis agreed to extend the consultation period until 24 February 2017 (allowing for around 9.5 weeks of consultation on the remaining two discussion papers). This will avoid the need to provide a separate response to each of the papers and will allow all stakeholders to make submissions and to fully participate in this important review.

In addition to the formal public consultation period via the yourSAy website the Department of State Development is encouraging submissions via its dedicated email address (DSD.miningactreview@sa.gov.au) from stakeholders and will continue to until the draft bill is finalised in mid-2017.

I would encourage submissions to be sent to DSD.miningactreview@sa.gov.au; further extensions on the discussion papers can also be sought from the Review Team via the same email address.

Thank you once again for your email.

Yours sincerely,

Ted Tyne