Dealing with multiple departments

Are there instances where a business is having to deal with more than one government department on similar rules?

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Ian Makings

10 Aug 2016

To employ an apprentice in years gone by, TAFE signed up, ran the training and signed off. State Government in their wisdom privatised apprentice training. Now in all fairness the training organisation that has trained all of the 13 apprentices over the last 20 years has done a great job and improved training with on site training along with off site. But now I sign up with one company who also pay the employer incentives, the training is done by a separate training organisation, and the final trade certificate is issued by another Government department, all of which other than the training organisation I have never met and are not that user friendly. The Sign up company offer Government incentives of approx. $4000.00 over the 4 years on behalf of the Government on sign up and completion (and I assume that the sign up company gets paid for a sign up as it is all good service until then). then the state government in their wisdom started to let the training organisation to start charging per hour of training, not much but it equates to approx. $3000.00 over the 4 years. So now I am paid incentives only to give it back through 3 different organisations. doesn't sound bureaucratic at all does it.
To me trades are extremely important Think about it, the sector touches almost every aspect of our lives from the homes we live in, to the cars we drive , the machinery we use, to the food we eat. And employing an apprentice can be challenging enough with out the extra red tape.

Government Agency

Simpler Regulation Unit > Ian Makings

11 Aug 2016

Thank you Ian for your comments on supporting apprentice training in South Australia. We will follow up on your comments and ensure your input informs any future initiatives.

Noel Wauchope

07 Aug 2016

I don't know how many departments are truly supportive of the plan to turn South Australia into the world's nuclear waste toilet, but it IS a coincidence that this"Simplify Day" happens to come up just as the (rather dubious) Nuclear Royal Commission has recommended thye removal of the Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition). Act 2000 South Australia. Nice little backdoor way of softening up the public for repealing this one?

Government Agency

Simpler Regulation Unit > Noel Wauchope

24 Aug 2016

Thanks for your feedback and the time taken to provide your views. Your comments have been forwarded to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Consultation and Response Agency. As you are aware there is an extensive consultation process underway, with a second Citizens’ Jury meeting in October and November. The Government will consider the Royal Commission’s recommendations and the community’s views in deciding the next steps.

Government Agency

Simpler Regulation Unit

25 Jul 2016

Thanks for adding a comment. If you would like to give us further details, send an e-mail to us here - - and we'll look into the matter more for you.

Andy Brown

24 Jul 2016

It is quite often the case where one Department is at odds with another. I have an example I can't publicly explain, but EPA wouldn't give approval unless the wastewater was disposed of to the common effluent system run by the Council. Problem was, the Council system couldn't take it and would only approve an on site system.