Open data in other places?

What exciting use of open data have you seen in other places that you would like to see in South Australia?

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Govt Analyst

09 Dec 2013

The site contains interesting datasets on Government spending that would be of interest to the community here.

Katie Hannan

29 Nov 2013

Cultural datasets could be submitted to this site

Scott Turner

27 Nov 2013

Interstate a number of local government organisations utilize geo data with high resolution photography, with a range of overlays that allow people to see current data sets - photos, with road overlays, service overlays, emergency management overlays etc. An example was the Brisbane floods, where BCC provided high resolution flood prediction maps, overlayed on high resolution photo maps - and excellent tool, fantastic for the community planning, resilience, mitigation and when making the decision, should I stay and protect my home or leave early.
Similar models could be used in preparing for other disasters or in informing the community to allow them to be prepared and more resilient

Alysha Thomas - Open Data Program Manager > Scott Turner

28 Nov 2013

Hi Scott
This is a great example of how access and display of location and mapping data can empower people to make better emergency and safety plans. We will investigate further in this space. Thank you for your contribution.

Dan Monceaux

23 Nov 2013

I believe that all South Australian biodiversity data should be made available via the Atlas of Living Australia. Some data from the SA Museum and DEWNR is available, but it is incomplete. The availability of this data will allow improved environmental management decision making and enhance private sector and citizen science undertakings.

Alysha Thomas - Open Data Program Manager > Dan Monceaux

28 Nov 2013

Hi Dan
Thank you for your contribution. Do you know of any current research projects that could directly benefit from a specific field of data? Knowing this could help us prioritise what biodiversity data we should release first.

Adelaide Entepreneur

22 Nov 2013

Government spending