Are there ways we can improve on the proposed methods of collating data and statistics to report on development in South Australia?

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Tony Turner

08 Oct 2018

Heavily weighted consideration re loss of horticultural and agricultural land due to encroaching suburn housing
- Early settlement where subsistence growing and water availability was required designated settlement on prime growing land.
-Improved services infrastructure including power, water and road transport alliws commuting easily over longer distances.
- Significant argument against mining encroaching on prime agricultural land regularly occurs, draws both political and public debate and support
-That same argument should be extended to include suburbanisation on ptime agricultural and horticultural land.
- housing development costs, including associated infrastructure and services, on greenfield development is significantly more economical and causes enormously less disruption to public that similar suburban expansion development.
- Increasing loading on existing infrastructure, iften being increased to overloading is not in best interests when compared to a well designed greenfields development where potential expansion can be designed into projects.
- utilisation of poor agricultural land for building preserves the existing food bowl areas for the future while enabling population growth, able to feed that growth with reduced reliance on imports and reducing transport costs and greenhouse gas emissions associated with that transport. Similarly, the food bowl will need to cater for increased demand and adjust to global warming issues, a big ask!
- Associated decentralisation will improve employment, services and infrastructure in regional area.

Government Agency

Planning Reform Team > Tony Turner

12 Oct 2018

Thanks for your comments Tony - so many issues you have raised, all of which are important considerations when preparing a new planning system that works for all South Australians. While your comments are not necessarily directly related to performance indicators and how we will measure development, we have passed your comments onto different teams who are dealing with the specific subjects and areas you mention. It's a big task and we are happy to keep hearing your comments about these issues so please keep informed, there are new discussion papers about the economy, people and neighbourhoods and design in the planning system coming out shortly, and will be available here on YourSAy. Regards, the Planning Reform Team.