What's important in Port Augusta and Northern Flinders Ranges?

We asked to hear about your experience as a member of the Port Augusta and Northern Flinders Ranges community. Whether you live, work or play here, we wanted your views on:

  • What are the unique issues facing your community?
  • What challenges do you come up against?
  • What do you love about living in the region? 
  • What suggestions do you have to make the region a better place for all community members? 

Your comments will inform a document that details all of the ideas, issues and suggestions that are collated as a part of Country Cabinet, which will then be provided to the SA Government to respond to. The Government's response to this document will be made available on YourSAy within 90 days of Country Cabinet.

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Noven Purnell-Webb

28 Feb 2016

The first and most critical issue that effects my family is lack of decent internet. I've had to take a house in Port Augusta and spend half my life living down here rather than at home simply so I can study online and run a small business. Even accessing this site to comment from home is a chore.

jason may

04 Feb 2016

HeliostatSA is a large scale turn key provider of solar energy technologies. HeliostatSA was established as an automotive transition initiative experiencing rapid growth developing and delivering projects in Japan, India and the Pacific Islands. Our home is South Australia and our focus is the development and construction of cost effective major solar infrastructure in regional communities. Regions with excellent solar resource like Port Augusta and the Northern Flinders Ranges. We look forward to attending the BBQ and Public Forum to engage with like minded people interested in developing projects that offers many benefits including employment across the region and South Australia.
We have a number of projects planned including Whyalla, Port Augusta, Leigh Creek, Morgan and Berri. Government support is important and we look forward to engaging with the relevant Ministers to progress these projects in a timely fashion.
Jason May

Government Agency

YourSAy Team

25 Jan 2016

We want to find out what ideas and issues you have in mind. It doesn't matter if they're big or small - if it's important to you, make sure you let us know!

Kate from the YourSAy team