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Dina Biz

06 Aug 2019

Please explain why Council Rates are so in Tea Tree Gully? Where is all the money going?

Government Agency

Office of Local Government > Dina Biz

07 Aug 2019

Hi Dina

The City of Tea Tree Gully’s 2019–20 Annual Business Plan and Budget sets out its budget for the year. The Council has also prepared a summary of its budget and projects for the year. Links to these documents are below.

Currently, councils are required to consult with their communities on their draft annual business plan and budget. However, you may be interested in Reform Area 2 in our Discussion Paper that covers lower costs and enhanced financial accountability. There are also questions about what you like to see about your council’s budget and finance in our survey that you are encouraged to fill out.

Annual Business Plan:

Summary of budget and projects:

Local Government Reform Team.

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