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Read the discussion paper, consider the following questions and join the discussion below.

  • What priorities should drive government investment in infrastructure?
  • How should regional infrastructure priorities be supported and funded?  Is there a role for government here?

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Athol Urquhart

26 Jul 2019

Invest in TOURISM infrastructure around Mt Gambier. Leverage the strengths.
The council needs State govt support to get these things happening.

A CHAIRLIFT up the side of Mt Gambier
A resort nearby crater lakes - Govt could invite expressions of interest to big resort companies and work with them and the council.
A JAZZ education centre to leverage Mt Gambier's reputation for Jazz
Food and wine centres

Invest in COONAWARRA infrastructure, build up the township, work with the locals to make it a highly visited wine region like the barossa.

Invest in Port McDonnell as a fishing hub, provide fishing education and recreation opportunities

Government Agency

PIRSA > Athol Urquhart

26 Jul 2019

Thanks Athol for your suggestions.

Athol Urquhart

26 Jul 2019

Thanks to the Govt for getting Mt Gambier airport upgrade happening. This could be seriously leveraged now to attract FIFO workers to the cities who want to work in adel/melb/sydney, whilst enjoying the lifestyle here.

- Invest in co-working spaces for remote employees of city companies to easily enjoy country lifestyle and work remotely.

Government Agency

PIRSA > Athol Urquhart

26 Jul 2019

Thank you, Athol.

Lesley Flora

25 Jul 2019

Infrastructure - hmmm, will that be a levy? I'm appalled that the levy we ALL paid for the Murray was squandered and big irrigators got the water, it was a sham and charges should be laid, FACT, dirty, dirty, dirty politics, theft, corruption and misleading in my books.

Government Agency

PIRSA > Lesley Flora

26 Jul 2019

Hi Lesley, your comment has been acknowledged.

Milton Trott

25 Jul 2019

I feel that regional passenger rail (or freight as well perhaps) should be seriously considered for South Australia. For example, we have rail lines through the Barossa region where the company that has leased them has facetiously failed to maintain them according to the agreement with the Government. Strangely, the Government doesn't seem bothered by this. Given that changes to energy demand and supply into the future will change, providing and maintain valuable rail infrastructure is important.

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PIRSA > Milton Trott

25 Jul 2019

Thank you for your feedback, Milton.

cliff Hignett

28 Jun 2019

80% of regional SA is dependent on the River Murray for potable water. (google 'SA water pipeline map') . Without water, these regions will cease to exist as economic entities. Example: All the proposed development in the upper spencer gulf will come to nothing if the Murray ceases to supply.
The Murray supply is dependent on good rainfall in the basin - BOM says that winter/spring rainfall in the basin has been decreasing at 5% per year for 60 years and is likely to continue doing so. The water supply is also dependent on VERY precarious agreements with states and other entities - all of whom have shown that they will break agreements if their survival is at stake.
It is irresponsible for the SA govt to not have a contingency plan for alternative water supply for SA regions.
If action is initiated NOW, desalination plants could be part funded by the 'sale' of the license to use Murray water .
If the Murray system does fail, the warning time is going to be MUCH less than the time to build desal. plants . We need to recongise that this problem is NOT going to go away and we need to act now.

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PIRSA > cliff Hignett

30 Jun 2019

Hi Cliff, thank you for your response.

Lesley Flora > cliff Hignett

25 Jul 2019

Agreed, how about we STOP OVERDEVELOPMENT and slow down immigration, it's not sustainable.

Stefan Lewandowski

24 Jun 2019

EP rail network infrastructure be turned into a solar-battery farm, ie build a roof structure along the entire rail line, and use the rail line as maintenance and potential tourist venture.

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PIRSA > Stefan Lewandowski

24 Jun 2019

Hi Stefan, thank you for your response.

Nick Leaver

12 Jun 2019

Investment priorities should be actual investments that unlock future opportunity. Every investment should have a business case to support it and demonstrable outcomes that are sustainable without the need for further funding.

Despite good intentions, South Australia has given away essential funds to either prop up unsustainable industries or as incentives for new businesses to set up here. Creating false economies helps no one in the long term.

The NSW model where investment is made in regional areas experiencing growth is logical.

Like any good investment, the investment portfolio should have rational diversity. A small percentage should allow for speculative opportunities; most of the investment should be in areas that leverage already performing industries underpinned by demand.

The importance of tourism for South Australia was highlighted in the Joyce Review. The thing about tourism is that it brings other people’s money into our regional areas.

Tourism is vital to building sustainable communities across South Australia’s regions. When external spend from tourism increases, additional jobs are created. High local employment transforms regions into thriving communities that retain their people and can afford to maintain critical services like regional hospitals.

Government’s role is to work in partnership with industry for sustainable solutions.

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PIRSA > Nick Leaver

13 Jun 2019

Thanks very much for your feedback, Nick.

Richard Stafford

07 Jun 2019

State Governments continue to ignore the importance of horse racing to rural economies. Horse Racing provides employment in rural areas and most of the employees are unskilled youth. Racing clubs provide a focus for rural communities and the infrastructure at racing clubs can be adapted to provide facilities for broader community use.

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PIRSA > Richard Stafford

11 Jun 2019

Many thanks for your input, Richard.

Max Bancroft

27 May 2019

Lake Eyre is approximately 15 m (49 ft) below sea level, if a 48km pipeline was built from Port Augusta to lake Eyre salt water would flow downhill through it and fill the lake.
This torrent could be producing Hydro electric power and the evaporation from the water would increase rainfall in the eastern states.
Additional salt deposited there can be on sold to industry.
Once the salt water reaches the consistency of Brine it can be turned into a Brine solar farm the output of which would equal the Snowy River Scheme.

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PIRSA > Max Bancroft

28 May 2019

Thanks for your feedback, Max.