Regional enablers

Read the discussion paper, consider the following questions and join the discussion below.

Regional population

  • How can regional South Australia retain its existing young and working age people?
  • What is required to encourage greater overseas and city-to-regional migration to regional South Australia?

Capability development

  • How can we build a pool of the next generation of business and community leaders?
  • What skills do our future regional leaders require?
  • What capability development would be beneficial for regional business leaders so that South Australia’s regional businesses are successful in the modern economy?
  • Are the capability development needs of regional business leaders different from those in metropolitan areas?
  • How can we ensure future regional workforce skills are identified and invested in?
  • How can we upskill or reskill the existing regional workforce so that they can transition into the jobs of tomorrow?

Attracting investment, innovators and entrepreneurs

  • What needs to happen to encourage investment in regional South Australia?
  • What factors would encourage innovators and entrepreneurs to remain or locate in regional South Australia?

Other considerations

  • Are there other key enablers that will drive regional development and support our regional communities to thrive?

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