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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 23 May 2019 to 26 July 2019. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of this engagement.

Read the discussion paper, consider the following questions and join the discussion below.

Regional population

  • How can regional South Australia retain its existing young and working age people?
  • What is required to encourage greater overseas and city-to-regional migration to regional South Australia?

Capability development

  • How can we build a pool of the next generation of business and community leaders?
  • What skills do our future regional leaders require?
  • What capability development would be beneficial for regional business leaders so that South Australia’s regional businesses are successful in the modern economy?
  • Are the capability development needs of regional business leaders different from those in metropolitan areas?
  • How can we ensure future regional workforce skills are identified and invested in?
  • How can we upskill or reskill the existing regional workforce so that they can transition into the jobs of tomorrow?

Attracting investment, innovators and entrepreneurs

  • What needs to happen to encourage investment in regional South Australia?
  • What factors would encourage innovators and entrepreneurs to remain or locate in regional South Australia?

Other considerations

  • Are there other key enablers that will drive regional development and support our regional communities to thrive?

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Athol Urquhart

26 Jul 2019

The Regional lifestyle is fantastic and comes at a low cost compared to cities. Serenity, peacefulness and awesome people.

This needs serious leveraging and marketing.

- Offer city based companies grants to move and set up offices and manufacturing here. Their staff wouldn't have to have big home loans, and the country is a far better and safer place to bring up families.

- Get QANTAS link coming to Mt Gambier

- Get direct flights to sydney with rex. OR connect us up to the ALBURY or WAGGA flight network.

- Govt help or partner with developers to develop country living areas in the beautiful rolling hills and landscape

- Invest in co-working spaces for remote employees of city companies to easily enjoy country lifestyle and work remotely.

- Collaborate with Vic councils to extend great ocean road tourism right around the coast to the coorong.

- Turn Coorong INTO another GOLD COAST, with better accommodation, resorts, family attractions for fishing etc

- Leverage on COONAWARRA brand and promote it as hard as BAROSSA.

Government Agency

PIRSA > Athol Urquhart

26 Jul 2019

We appreciate all of your responses, Athol.

Sue Florance

19 Jul 2019

We have trouble housing workers who wish to come into our area ….. perhaps more incentives to help them establish their lives. All good for local economy, and social wellbeing. The Banks need to be more in tune with sustainable small regional communities. Great to have an Influx of backpackers however when spring hits, where can they find accommodation. Majority of rental stock is taken up by holiday homes leaving a void for casual & seasonal workers. Without this basic necessity how can you encourage investment in regional anywhere.

Government Agency

PIRSA > Sue Florance

23 Jul 2019

Thank you for your feedback, Sue.

Alex Paior

05 Jul 2019

It's all about jobs.
If we create jobs people will come to live and work.
We need to be innovative in attracting developments that create local jobs. Tourism is the most obvious class of development.
The problem is funding developments is almost impossible with Banks refusing to fund them simply because they are regional.

Government Agency

PIRSA > Alex Paior

05 Jul 2019

Hi Alex, thank you for your response.

Athol Urquhart > Alex Paior

26 Jul 2019

Fully agree Alex.
DECENTRALIZATION is how the US now has many cities spread accross it.
Need to ATTRACT companies and entrepreneurs to build their businesses on national and global markets, from a regional location.

cliff Hignett

27 Jun 2019

The ABC program 'Escape from the city' does a good job of advertising the advantages of moving from central city to urban fringe for young to middle age (usually) couples in melbourne and Sydney wanting to set up a business catering to city visitors -so they cant move too far from the city.. (It has done one program in SA of moving from Adelaide to The Barrossa - big deal)
There is a huge market for tree and sea changers moving from Adelaide to real regional areas - particularly retirees who want to convert part of their expensive Adelaide houses into extra retirement income and get a better lifestyle.
SA has a movie industry (supposedly). 'Escape from the city' is not a complicated format. Surely it would not take a lot of Govt subsidy to make a TV series focussing on people who want to leave noisy, old, crowded, dirty, Adelaide houses for a newer cheaper house in a location they have probably been coming to for a holiday for years.

Government Agency

PIRSA > cliff Hignett

28 Jun 2019

Thank you for your feedback.