Are SA Government processes less competitive than other states and territories?

Do you have examples of state government rules and regulations that make SA a more difficult place to do business than other states and territories?

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Justin Jagger

12 Aug 2016

Forestry contributes substantially to the economic activity of the South East region of South Australia. Transport is the most expensive and challenging part of the logistics chain, yet within South Australia we have an unfair disadvantage when compared Victoria; in particular regarding the time required to gain multi-combination drivers licenses and approvals for high productivity vehicles (Performance based standards vehicles).

Government Agency

Simpler Regulation Unit > Justin Jagger

24 Aug 2016

Thanks for your response to our Simplify Day initiative. Your contribution will be considered in formulating our red tape reduction initiatives.
Thank you for your substantive contribution.

Brendan Carter

11 Aug 2016

Expand the small venue licences across all of the State, not just Adelaide CBD. The costs and mandatory requirements of setting up in suburban population centres is astronomical. To set up in Norwood, Playford, Port Adelaide, Goodwood - are all more expensive than setting up in the CBD - who already has plenty of great small venues (courtesy of this law change) - the city is wildly vibrant now - let's bring that vibrancy and culture to the suburbs!

Government Agency

Simpler Regulation Unit > Brendan Carter

11 Aug 2016

Thanks for your input. Your idea will be put forward to Renewal SA who support the Vibrant City initiative and existing small venue services. We will consider your suggestions as part of Simplify Day.

Clare Scriven

08 Aug 2016

High Productivity Vehicles (HPVs) can significantly reduce the number of truck movements on public roads. Investment in them has been encouraged by governments, for both safety and productivity reasons. They only receive approval to be built if their design is optimal - for example, their swept turning radius must be equal or better than current B-double vehicle performance.
However, despite having to prove their performance before approval to build, and once built, HPVs must also have approval for individual routes.
HPVs are already approved for 27 different routes in Victoria, but only 2-3 in South Australia. This means productivity and safety improvements are being lost, despite companies investing millions in upgrading to these High Performance Vehicles.
This could be fixed by designating any route that has been approved for B-doubles as automatically approved for HPVs, as they have been assessed throughout their design and build to be equal or better in performance.

Clare Scriven, Australian Forest Products Association

Laurie Hein > Clare Scriven

09 Aug 2016

Australia being a very large country combined with the geographic location of the population base being concentrated mostly on the Eastern seaboard has an enormous freight challenge in getting products/produce to market. In meeting this challenge requires a combination of an effecient freight network and high productivity vehicles (HPV's). There is a growing appititite for investment in HPV's however in SA especially obtaining approval to access the road network is challenging at best. HVP's also offer the best technology in road friendly suspension and importantly improved safety. The equates to safer roads, less trucks/movements and reduced road damage. To faciliate these improvements the SA Government must review its approval process and gazette HPV routes so those making a sizable finnancial investment in new equipment have the confidence they can use them in meeting the country's freight challenge now and in the future.

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Simpler Regulation Unit > Clare Scriven

10 Aug 2016

Thanks to both of you for your contributions. You have put forward a number of good points that warrant further investigation and have been raised with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure for consideration. Thanks for raising these issues.

Noel Wauchope

07 Aug 2016

Can't help wondering to what extent this "Simplify Day" has a connection with the Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition). Act 2000 South Australia. Nice little backdoor way of softening up the public for repealing this one?

Government Agency

Simpler Regulation Unit > Noel Wauchope

24 Aug 2016

Thanks for your feedback and the time taken to provide your views. Your comments have been forwarded to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Consultation and Response Agency. As you are aware there is an extensive consultation process underway, with a second Citizens’ Jury meeting in October and November. The Government will consider the Royal Commission’s recommendations and the community’s views in deciding the next steps.

julie thomas

05 Aug 2016

Small venue licencing restricted to Adelaide square mile means the rest of the State's Cities & regions are not able to develop the same local economies, sense of place & vibrancy. This is particularly relevant for Cities greater than 10k from the CBD where economic development and entrepreneurialism should be fostered the most, eg Playford. In addition the people of these areas are not afforded the same level of lifestyle or cultural opportunities which could otherwise further foster greater cities and social inclusion. Further to this I believe that by decentralizing the small venue licence you will reduce the market flooding of small venue entrepreneurs within such a concentrated area and thus distribute their viability across the state more evenly.

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Simpler Regulation Unit > julie thomas

10 Aug 2016

Thanks for your response to our Simplify Day initiative. Your contribution has been raised with Consumer and Business Services for consideration. We will consider your views in formulating our red tape reduction initiatives. The Simpler Regulation Unit.

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Simpler Regulation Unit

18 Jul 2016

Thanks for your input. Your idea will be put forward to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and will be considered as part of Simplify Day.

D Slama

14 Jul 2016

Yes - there should be one motor vehicle master registration system for Companies that have multiple cars - Ie u pay an annual feel in company name and u register as many cars as your business has under that master registration system

Brendan Carter > D Slama

11 Aug 2016

Fantastic Idea! Second This...

Government Agency

Simpler Regulation Unit > D Slama

24 Aug 2016

Now you can simply sign up for an EzyReg Account and select the vehicles you want to register and pay with your credit card in one transaction. You can also set a common expiry date for your vehicles so that they all fall due on the same day. Your vehicles must be registered in the same name and can include all vehicle types including cars, trucks, motorbikes and trailers. Please visit