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What fields of research or study are you currently working in that could be assisted by additional data and how does this research benefit SA? 

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Dan Monceaux

23 Nov 2013

As an independent researcher, not associated with any university, I find it difficult to access much Government generated/owned data. I'm interested in working with data and statistics including government expenditure (fine scale, within departments and agencies) and health sector statistics, for example. How might these be made more accessible in the future?

Andrew Hall > Dan Monceaux

26 Nov 2013

Hi Dan,
There are some datasets available at and but you probably know about these, and yes they are probably not granular enough to do 'interesting' research with. There is SANT Datalinkage that supports research projects joining many datasets. However there is a large amount of resources that has gone into creating and maintaning these datasets and so there are onerous access fees. See for further info.
It would be good to see some of these projects support a pricing model that supported independent researchers, data/informatoin scientists and application developers to innovate.