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Robyn Holtham

12 Feb 2018

I have 5 titles of adjoining vacant land on the outskirts of Blinman in the Flinders Ranges zoned Environmental B. They are all old perpetual leases with the exception of a parcel of about 60 acres which is freehold. The leases were designed for pastoral use but the parcel in total is too small and of insufficient quality for this use. I am keeping it because it has environmental value but I cannot use it to draw an income. I am a senior with a low income myself living in a marginalised suburb South of Adelaide. I am charged $400 per year in land tax in addition to my lease fee (about $9 PA in total). This year it was $800 in total (one year in adavance, I believe) I am still trying to pay it off since it was issued last year accruing a monthly fee on top of the amount. This is a ridiculous amount to paying in land tax on vacant land with no services which has very little if any use. Is there any way I can get assistance with this?

Government Agency

Digital Transformation Team > Robyn Holtham

13 Feb 2018

Hi Robyn, can you please call our land tax team on 8204 9870 to discuss your land tax? Unfortunately due to secrecy provisions we are unable to address your question via this platform.

Tania Nicol

09 Feb 2018

Asking for copy of statement settlement? Privacy and necessity come to mind. TP's will need to have docs ready online and know how to upload. Lots of questions

Government Agency

Digital Transformation Team > Tania Nicol

09 Feb 2018

Thanks for your feedback Tania. The settlement statement is needed for the refund component and to assess if the applicant is eligible for an exemption on one property and relief on another. We will add some text to the form to explain why it's needed.

Chris Donovan

08 Feb 2018

Too many questions and you get stuck if you don't have the relevant documents to upload

Government Agency

Digital Transformation Team > Chris Donovan

08 Feb 2018

Thanks Chris, depending on the exemption you apply for will determine the number of questions you are asked. Some may be only a few, while others we need more information to assess your application. We have developed factsheets which will assist people in determining the types of supporting documentation we need, but we will take this on board to see if we could also include on our website or somewhere early on the form to assist applicants. In the meantime, if you would like to help us with our testing phase, you don’t need to upload real documentation – for example a blank Word document called ‘test’ will work a treat.

Sorana Dinmore

08 Feb 2018

I think this is a great initiative but every page takes unreasonably long to load. I lost interest after the address input which is page three i think because the turning dots kept turning but nothing materialised.

Government Agency

Digital Transformation Team > Sorana Dinmore

08 Feb 2018

Thanks Sorana for your feedback. Apologies that you found the experience frustrating. Unfortunately, page load times are slower in our test system than our public site. Once launched, users will not experience the same slow page load times. If you are happy to do so, please try again as we would love your feedback.