Tell us what you think of the proposed short term licence.

Review the new Proposed Short Term Licence, consider the following questions and join in the discussion below.

  • If you manage a business or club, how do you think the new proposed model will impact your business?
  • If you are a member of a club or association, how do you think the new proposed model will impact your organisation?
  • Should Class 1 licensees be located in high risk locations, such as Hindley Street?
  • Should Class 1 licensees be allowed to sell or supply liquor for takeaway?
  • Are there any changes you would like to see to the proposed short term licence model?

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Sharni Honor

18 Apr 2019

Hi there,

My name is Sharni Honor, and I run the Adelaide music series called The Porch Sessions.

Brilliant work on bringing this together,
And for holding a diverse and inclusive approach to other types of business models that could exist within the temporary liquor licensing structure.

I see that 'Porch Sessions' has been directly reference within the category of Class 2 Mobile.

My only only piece of feedback,
is to question why there is is a maximum event limit of '12 per year'.
As Porch Sessions is used specifically as the example - this business potentially hosts 30 events in a given year.
And in terms of longevity and sustainability, as a business owner, I only hope to grow this in years to come.

I feel restrained by the capacity of 12 events,
and feel that this will work against the reason why this category exists in the first place.

Is there any chance that this number can be workshopped? or even in the sphere of unlimited, case by case?

I am concerned at the moment that this current result may threaten the growth of my business.

Once again,
I very much appreciate the action and advice sought on this reform and would very much take relief in the consideration of the above.

Kindest regards,