• Are there red tape issues facing your business that you have encountered in South Australia that do not exist in other States and Territories? 
  • Are there changes that can be made which would attract national businesses to come to South Australia?  

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Government Agency

Simpler Regulation Unit

14 Mar 2017

Thank you Tom for raising these issues.

We note with interest your comments on the relative business costs for running retirement villages in South Australia compared to the business costs of similar operations in other states. Were there any specific aspects of South Australia's Retirement Villages Act that you have identified as reducing the value of operations in our state relative to other states?

We also understand that energy costs and reliability of energy supply are a key aspect of doing business currently. Today the Premier released an energy plan designed to deliver reliable, affordable and clean power for South Australians and to ensure that more of the State’s power is sourced, generated and controlled in South Australia. More details can be found at

Government Agency

Simpler Regulation Unit > Simpler Regulation Unit

24 Aug 2017

Hi again Tom. As you may know, the Retirement Villages Act 2016 is planned to commence on 1 January 2018 and is the result of over three years’ significant consultation. It is expected to successfully balance increased consumer protection with the interests of operators across the diversity of retirement village operations. We would be happy to receive any additional specific information regarding your comments about reducing the value of your retirement village so please contact us at

Tom Gannon

10 Mar 2017

To whom it may concern :

We are Retirement Village developers and managers.

Recent changes to the SA Retirement Villages Act (see what the recent Vic review has suggested compared with SA) has reduced the value of our one SA retirement village at Angle Vale – some are saying by 10 to 15 % compared to the other states.

Secondly we are about to spend about $100k putting in back-up generators at Angle Vale because of the unreliability of SA power. We have to be able to feed and look after our residents even when there is no power.

So our projects are worth less in SA and they are more expensive to operate. We will not be investing in a SA retirement village in the foreseeable future. Our investments in RV’s will be in the eastern states.

Tom Gannon
Gannon LIfestyle Group Pty Ltd