Social Impact Investment

The South Australian Government has released an expression of interest in relation to social impact investment.  Joint responses from groups of organisations are encouraged. This discussion forum has been established to help organisations describe areas of interest and expertise, and to identify other organisations that could collaborate as part of a joint response to the expression of interest.

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• This SII Discussion Forum will be deleted at the completion of the SII EOI process.

• This SII Discussion Forum has been established by the South Australian Government not only for general community discussion about social impact investment in South Australia but also specifically to provide a forum for organisations who may wish to describe their capabilities and to also gain an understanding of the capabilities of other organisations with a view to collaborating in a joint response to the SII EOI.

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Emma Tomkinson

15 Dec 2014

If any organisations can deliver social outcomes, but are struggling to get their heads around the social impact bond structure or need help with the legal or financial ability to issue a SIB, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. I have worked on social impact bonds with the NSW, UK and Nova Scotia Governments on the measurement/structure/policy angles and Ben Gales of Social Enterprise Finance Australia is also happy to help out, particularly with the investor angle. Email me on if we can be of any assistance. If you want us to write your tender you're going to have to pay (a LOT) but if you'd like to talk things over or have us scan your tender and provide comment then we're more than happy to do that for free! The hardest thing about a social impact bond is delivering the outcomes, so if you've got that covered, we can help you with the rest.

Matthew Winefield

12 Dec 2014

Welcome to the discussion forum!