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We particularly want to know:

  • What do you think about the draft vision for State Sports Park?
  • What sports or activities not currently in the Park would you like to see at State Sports Park?
  • We would like to see better access to the State Sports Park on foot, cycling, car and public transport. How do you think this could be achieved?
  • What design or environmental features would you like to see prioritised in new developments at State Sports Park?

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Lucia Wilkoszewski

12 Jul 2020

The removal of trees along the borders seems unnecessary - visibility is fine as it is. As a resident of Tepko St the trees act as a buffer to the sounds and lights from the hockey fields.
As a user of Foresters Forest on a daily basis I would prefer for this to be retained as it is, only removal of dead trees and planting of more appropriate species to enhance it.
Not sure if the Grand Junction rd entry/exit is necessary either. I think entry from Main North Rd and Briens Rd is enough.
I also have concerns regarding parking. There really needs to be a balance between not removing to much habitat but also making sure there is enough so the surrounding streets to the precinct are not overcrowded with cars from overflow of visitors.

jenny perry

12 Jul 2020

I agree and strongly support comments submitted by:
Kay Haarsma 16/6/20, Chloe Johnson 24/6/20, Susan George 26/6/20, Peter Dryer 8/7/20, Jessica Coleman, Jenny Hallam 11/7/20, Nicole Long 12/7/20.
What plans and assurances are in place to protect the area called Foresters forest from being sold to private developers, loosing a much needed and appreciated piece of bushland. (Example Woolworths ware house)
Why is it necessary to build another sporting facility. which I think will draw membership , and as a result funding away from the many and varied already established sporting facilities in this region. For example Churchill Road new Sport Plex. Why not use the funding to support and promote an already established sporting facility, I'm sure a club would welcome the opportunity.

Nicole Long

12 Jul 2020


I commenting on this Gepps cross sports park plan as I am concerned at the section where tree removal is mentioned.

As the human population continues to grow and develop we encroach on the dwindling habitat our native species call home. We should celebrate and embrace the urban wildlife that have managed to adapt and successfully live closely beside us.

This means working with the trees within their habitat rather than against. Is there a way this plan could be revised to include the already established trees?

As studies have shown that not only do trees provide us with the oxygen we breath and store carbon they also have many other benefits such as improving mental health and wellbeing. Is there a way this plan could be revise to encourage sport activities that involve being within a natural setting ? I.e hiking. The idea of removing trees only to replace them is flawed as trees take years to become mature and established. Meaning the animals that currently call these areas within Gepps Cross sport park home would have to relocate often pushing them into housing areas which often lead to plans of culling such as galahs, Corellas.

So I urge you to please reconsider the implications of removing already established trees and the continued reduction of our precious species habit.

Heather Matthews

12 Jul 2020

How many trees will be chopped down along the borders of the sports park? Also, why?

Jenny Hallam

11 Jul 2020

I feel exactly the same as you do.The views are so relaxing. Not everyone is into sport.Lets keep it as a nature resort.I hope the powers that be listen to us,it would be tragic to destroy that area for both people and the animals and birds that live there.

Jessica Coleman

11 Jul 2020

To Whom It May Concern;

Daily walks through this area have been the highlight of our lives here in Enfield. When we found out about the proposed State Sports Park we were absolutely devastated. Like so many other Australians, we are passionate about the preservation of nature and it's role in combating climate change (if last years fires weren't a good enough indicator that Climate Change is a problem we need to solve, than I don't know what is).

Our council area is packed full of industrial areas, concrete, shopping centers and busy roads. This area is THE ONLY place within close proximity where we can escape that and be in nature. We walk along through the forested areas amongst the trees and take in the clouds of gala's and cockatoos and feel so fortunate to have this space where we can share the beauty of nature with our son before returning to our cramped, court yard home.

Why another Sports Plex? Who would that really benefit in our community? Only the people who like to play sports... that's it. You would be taking away a nature escape for so many people and replacing it with MORE concrete, MORE man-made products. There is a brand new recreation center right up the road in Lightsview. There are perfectly good soccer fields there already. The Super Dome is there already. Why take more from nature and more away from the residents?

Instead, why not benefit everyone? I have seen orienteering mentioned and that is a fantastic idea. Plant more natives. Encourage the wildlife to return and stay. Create a massive community garden. Feed our community with that garden. Have free range chickens. Give the eggs to people in our community. Create jobs for young graduates, passionate environmentalists, and the jobless in our community by allowing there to be land and livestock to be tended to. Let's have more community involvement in nature. Let's encourage people to CARE about our climate by giving them something to be proud of. Use permaculture design practices to encourage wildlife to return and stay in this area. Create a nature playground for children, but also let nature just BE the playground.

I have seen comments stating that the proposed plans have "green" in mind... there is nothing "green" about destroying natural habitat and replacing it with human recreational facilities.

Where were sports when Covid-19 struck? GONE.

When we couldn't see our friends and family, at least we could walk across the road and be in NATURE.

Preserving and encouraging this little patch of nature in our Council is not just important for combating climate change, it is also SO VITAL to our mental health and wellbeing.

Port Adelaide Enfield Council has the opportunity to lead the way in making a difference in how we interact with nature. If we step back and see the potential of what could be there instead of ANOTHER Sports Park, we can also so how much this would put us on the map. Our council would be a point of difference, something to emulate, a hero to follow.

If the proposed plans go through, we will sell our house and leave. This area is the one good thing about living in our neighborhood and we will no longer find enjoyment in living here once it is gone.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Nynke van der Burg

11 Jul 2020

I hope the existing trees won't have to be removed and there will be more trees planted as part of this project. Large existing trees are so important for our urban health and wellbeing and even more important for the animals that rely on them. I would hate to see them go -they make the place so much more attractive in so many ways -cooler in the summer too! There are too many trees cut down across Adelaide and often (mostly) it is not necessary with some creative planning.

Frances Turland

09 Jul 2020

I am commenting on the draft States Sport Park Master Plan as a resident of Port Adelaide Enfield council. Congratulations to the Office for Recreation Sport and Racing on this draft Master Plan. It is excellent that this plan includes consultation of a wide range of stakeholders and welcomes community feedback. I will echo some of the existing comments, supplement this with evidence and provide some new perspectives.

1. What do you think about the draft vision for State Sports Park?

I like the use of the words: more accessible, more active and greener. To improve the health of communities could be added. It is vital that health is at the forefront of planning and design. It is notable that there were not any health representatives involved in the consultation process and is desirable moving forward.

2. What sports or activities not currently in the Park would you like to see at State Sports Park?

Heart Foundation Walking groups could utilise this space. I parallel the idea of a scenic 5km loop which could be a location for Heart Foundation Walking groups and future park runs. For more information on Heart Foundation Walking and groups in the area please visit the website: https://walking.heartfoundation.org.au/

3. We would like to see better access to the State Sports Park on foot, cycling, car and public transport. How do you think this could be achieved?

A neighbourhood on the move is one that has a network of integrated walking, cycling and public transport routes. Movement networks is a Healthy Active by Design feature that will assist you to create better access via multiple modes of transport:
https://www.healthyactivebydesign.com.au/design-features/movement-networks. You may like to complete the following checklist that will prompt you with questions to consider that support a connected network that integrates walking: https://www.healthyactivebydesign.com.au/design-features/movement-networks/checklist/. The walking route to Woolworths is particularly important to encourage healthy food access. Furthermore, you could use these walkability checklist questions to guide your planning: https://walking.heartfoundation.org.au/dashboard/uploads/2014/12/HF_WalkChecklist_WebFinal.pdf

I strongly suggest the consideration of accessibility for the older population, to encourage intergenerational connection and physical activity in this population. I commend you for considering better access from O'Briens road. Alternative access via South Terrace, safer access across Grand Junction road and additional school accesses are highly recommended.

Never has the diverse function of streets and paths been more apparent as during the time of COVID-19, for more information you can view the Heart Foundations new position, ‘Active Streets – The new normal for public space’: https://www.healthyactivebydesign.com.au/images/uploads/PositionSnapshot_ActiveStreets-the_new_normal_for_public_space_FINAL.pdf

4. What design or environmental features would you like to see prioritised in new developments at State Sports Park?

You may like to consider planting fruit trees and including a community garden as they can provide cities and towns with a range of social, economic and environmental benefits such as equitable food access. Furthermore, the addition of community gardens would support both availability and accessibility of healthy food. For more information visit: https://www.healthyactivebydesign.com.au/design-features/healthy-food.

I echo that a new adventure park for children would be desirable to further facilitate intergenerational connection and physical activity in children. Here are some links to some case studies from the Healthy Active by Design website - Morialta: https://www.healthyactivebydesign.com.au/case-studies/mukanthi-playspace-morilata Pelzer Park: https://www.healthyactivebydesign.com.au/case-studies/pelzer-park-pityarilla-activity-hub-park-19

Preservation of existing trees and planting of new trees is highly recommended as they encourage people to walk for both exercise and transport and are associated with reduced incidence of heart attack and type 2 diabetes. They provide shade, aesthetics and a barrier from road noise. For more information refer to the Heart Foundations position statement, ‘Making the case for investment in street trees and landscaping in urban environments’: https://www.heartfoundation.org.au/getmedia/453aab82-41d1-4e79-b638-fd8cb53e4683/TreesLandscaping.pdf

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comment to the draft States Sport Park Master Plan.

Holly Evans

09 Jul 2020

It is great to see some time and money put into this area. I am in agreeance with those who wish to keep the trees around the borders. I believe road access to the facilities through Briens Rd and Grand Junction rd would be great, especially if not impacting the green spaces too much. An indoor stadium shared between hockey, soccer and other sports such as lacrosse would be a good addition. Lastly, an adventure park/playground where individuals can interact with nature would be wonderful given the large roads that surround the area.

Phillip Rollas

08 Jul 2020

It is pleasing to see some appropriate redevelopment and improved use of this large site.

I used to be a frequent visitor to the Super-Drome as an Assistant Coach for a South Australian Futsal League club. The general area is certainly in need of this appropriate redevelopment.

Football SA's planned 'Centre of Football' is a good project, and integration with the Croatian Sports Centre (Adelaide Croatia Raiders) and Roma Mitchell College is very strategic. This project - especially the indoor component, which I cannot stress enough - is sorely needed. Ideally, FSA would have selected a better location but it is still appreciable that this land is seeing some use and that this aforesaid integration can occur (Burton Park is regarded as something of a failure given its distant location and lack of integration/context with its surrounds). There are dedicated futsal centres in cities interstate (Series Futsal/Futsal Oz facilities are a good example), but not in Adelaide.

The site can benefit from public transport access and introduction of pedestrian access, especially once new facilities are in use. Currently, the only viable method of access is by car, with excessive effective detouring required to reach either Adelaide Raiders or the Super-Drome.

Finding ways to incorporate passive surveillance - perhaps through some mixed use development at key locations - will be welcomed, particularly at night while children and young people play matches of various sports.

As this land has virtually remained as is for several decades and more, it will prove vital to preserve key nature aspects and find ways to enhance and celebrate these locations.

Peter Dreyer

08 Jul 2020

Fantastic to see the proposed development for Sport and recreation. As a resident of Gepps Cross for over 33 years we have been blessed with the open area, trees and wildlife. I actually came across a kangaroo 18mths ago on my morning run. I have used the area nearly daily for all these years running/ walking and walking my dogs. We have seen the sell-out to Woolworths -NOT HAPPY. We have also seen the development of the Pines Stadium, Superdome and Croation Soccer Club. BUT the most valuable asset in the whole area is our little Diamond in the Foresters Forest. A unique area in the fast filling metro area. Not only a haven for bird life but an important open space area where rain can soak into the ground, where insects and birds can thrive and most importantly where we can all go and enjoy a stroll though our native Flora. I cant believe the stupidity to even consider building a bike track through such a unique environment. Once its gone ITS GONE...There is plenty of other areas to build bike tracks. Apart from that the other issues are the Road entry from Grand Junction Road, it is not required, and will only invite illegal vehicular use. Also the clearing of perimeter trees especially along Main Nth Road and the Southern boundary near the residential properties should not be considered. The trees act as a sound barrier to both traffic and sports activities but most importantly they screen the Flood lights light spill from the Hockey stadiums into the residential properties. And they are mature trees, I would encourage the replanting of sick damaged or dead trees to further enhance the screening effect. Regarding improving access to the site I believe Buses currently run on Mn Nth Rd, Grand Junction Rd and Briens Rd so not much you can do their, you could always reinstall the train line to Northfield with a new stop near Woolworths.
I have seen a recommendation from the Foresters Forest Committee which is a better option for the track and forest. https://www.facebook.com/forestersforestSA/photos/a.700323490442016/962722860868743/?type=3&theater
Hoping for a great outcome for all parties, especially the local residents.

Jenny Hallam > Peter Dreyer

08 Jul 2020

I agee with all you say,i have seen hares running across the paddocks.Will the developers/govt give residents around the borders soundproofing ie double glazed windows and roller shutters to block out the noise and floodlights.I totally agree that all the trees around the borders inc Briens rd be retained.Like you said once it's gone it's gone.More concrete buildings and drab car parks we do not need.

Lucia Wilkoszewski > Peter Dreyer

12 Jul 2020

I agree with all you say.
As a resident that lives on Tepko Street the trees there act as a sound barrier and a shield from the lights on the hockey field.

Darren Lambden

08 Jul 2020

What an amazing project for the whole community, I would like to put forward a strong suggestion on behalf of the Greenacres Tennis Club for a club run/shared tennis precinct within the Sports Park. Tennis is seeing an increase in participants especially through Covid-19 and is a fantastic sport for all ages and skill levels. Greenacres TC provides a non judgemental inclusive environment and has seen rapid growth over the last 2 years, we have outgrown our club and seek a home away from home scenario. We would be first to put our hand up to work with other local clubs and council to provide even more to the wider community. A dedicated area for tennis opens the door for so many options, night social competitions, overflow courts for Saturday competition, club/junior tournaments, public court engagement. There is real potential to grow our sport at a grass roots level and with major events like the Adelaide International it would be great to help lift the profile of tennis in Adelaide.

Rupinder S

07 Jul 2020

Fantastic to hear about upgrading this space for multi sport and more balanced site for all ages to enjoy. Football stadium needs to attract international games, same with Hockey venue. Would love to see adventure park/playground for children, cricket nets, dedicated events space for functions festivals etc, a town square village - open plaza design features, artwork and more greening. Support the new vehicle access off Grand junction road and Briens Rd. Its much needed for better connectivity from all sides to this multi sport precinct. Can’t wait to see some Interschool sports carnival at this spot.

Dan Adams

05 Jul 2020

I am glad to see some innovation with this space, older suburbs such as Enfield and Clearview lack access to the kind of open space and recreational facilities of newer infill projects such as LightsView.

An essential inclusion to consider for this project is a large scale nature play area for all ages, such as those found at the Morialta conservation park and the Cobblers creek reserve.

As per the below comments a mixed sport facility such as the ARC in Campbletown would be fantastic, racket sports, aquatics and sports climbing facilities would be beneficial to a large demographic.

Government Agency

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing > Dan Adams

07 Jul 2020

thanks Dan. Great suggestions.

Sarah Macdonald

04 Jul 2020

anything that preserves our green spaces is beneficial to us and our environment. When these green spaces can be made more attractive for everyone to enjoy, the wider community also benefits from the increased, positive activity.
I certainly hope that any substantial trees will only be removed very gradually and replaced with plenty of shade trees. Trees are the most important and attractive part of any green space

Government Agency

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing > Sarah Macdonald

07 Jul 2020

thanks Sarah. Mature trees are so valuable.

Andrew Liebeknecht

04 Jul 2020

Having a cycling criterium track aswell as other bike facilities will be beneficial to the community allowing children and adults alike a place to ride and compete and be generally active.
Having a safe environment away from hazards associated with riding and racing on the roads and paths should be paramount, while still allowing access for familys to spectate and enjoy the woodlands.
The Forresters forests concept is great but in reality it has been poorly executed, trees are strangled by used tyres around their base etc
Retaining significant and healthy trees in conjunction with the original forests distinct woodland type design with plantings that work in harmony with track and path designs should be possible.
I look forward to enjoying this area more than I do currently (walking my dog)

Government Agency

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing > Andrew Liebeknecht

07 Jul 2020

Thanks for your comments, Andrew

terry brooks

28 Jun 2020

I am a resident and home owner in Gepps Cross and I use this open space daily to exercise, walk my dogs and enjoy the open space, but I am VERY concerned with the suggestion of tree removal for the purpose of "Improved visibility"??? I have been conducting research on the Pine Trees that make part of the perimeter of the State Sports Park in Gepps Cross and from what I have able to understand is the trees were planted around 1930. These trees make up part of the frame work for the suburb of Gepps Cross and are known as a land mark for the area, even the Hockey stadium uses this land mark to form part of their identity. Not only these trees are of significances to the local area they form a barrier to the road noise from traffic on Main North road.
The proposal of a new road to enter from Grand Junction Road is of a great concern to me and needs to be consulted further to its benefit?

Government Agency

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing > terry brooks

07 Jul 2020

Hi Terry, appreciate your comments from perspective of regular user/resident

Michele Hoppo

27 Jun 2020

I was one of the children that lived on Tepko street that petitioned to “save the samcor paddocks for recreation” about 40 years ago now...(not that woolworths would fall in that category) we spent many weekends door knocking to get the signatures we needed. I think It would be amazing to have a massive adventure playground with a tall climbing structure towards the corner near Briens Road and Grand Junction road where the view from the top would be outstanding with bbq areas for families to be able to access.

Government Agency

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing > Michele Hoppo

07 Jul 2020

Thanks for your suggestion re adventure playground, Michele. The petitioned vision for the 'samcor paddocks' slowly gaining traction :)

Susan George

26 Jun 2020

I 'd like to see Forresters Forest retained/enhanced for environment/natural bush (and the trees along MainNorthRoad) for activities like orienteering and walking in natural re-vegetated areas; and in all the developments not to forget natural walking/running trails on dirt tracks. A scenic 5km loop would be nice for future parkruns etc. There is scope for a network of both paved cycling and dirt tracks for running/walking to be incorporated into whatever structures are necessary to build.

Government Agency

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing > Susan George

07 Jul 2020

Great suggestions for active recreation, Susan

Chloe Johnson

24 Jun 2020

The plan mentioned the removal of trees along all borders of the sports park for visibility. Why not provide signage to show people what's inside and leave the trees alone, some are decades old. I've seen kookaburras, rosellas and many other birds in this area. It would be a shame to knock down their habitat and essentially what they call home. It would be nice to have some interpretive signs in the foresters forest area to show the flora and fauna in the area. I like the idea of a cafe in the mixed use precinct.

Jenny Hallam > Chloe Johnson

25 Jun 2020

I totally agree with you Chloe,there are lots of birds nesting in those trees.I would rather view the trees than car parks and stadiums.No more peace and serenity with all the noise and floodlights.I have lived here since 1966 and am devastated at the destruction of the trees and wildlife.

Government Agency

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing > Chloe Johnson

26 Jun 2020

Thanks for your input, Chloe and Jenny. Part of the vision for the Park is to be 'green'.

terry brooks > Chloe Johnson

28 Jun 2020

I do agree that the development needs to be green, but removing trees of significance for the purpose of "Improved visibility" sounds like contradiction?

Heath Hunter > Chloe Johnson

29 Jun 2020

Exactly. I wonder what the people using the new Sports Park would rather see as they look out over the fields - trees and birds, or three of the busiest roads in Adelaide? I can't think of any justification for removing the boundary trees.

Dale Ramsey

24 Jun 2020

I think the concept in itself has potential, but I think a management group need to run the facilty.
Already the FFSA or FootballSA as now known are focused on growing their management body rather than growing the game.
the government grants they recieve do not trickle down to clubs, then they sell off the naming rights and still nothing to clubs, then they charge clubs ( run by volunteers ) astronomical amounts for being associated with them. Para Hills Knights paid over $70k to the FFSA in 2019, clubs cant survive like this. then running their own academies and pathway programmes just takes more away from local clubs.
things need to change for our sport to survive in South Australia.

Government Agency

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing > Dale Ramsey

26 Jun 2020

Thanks for these thoughts on governance, Dale

Vivien Bing

23 Jun 2020

This plan is excellent. I have lived in this area for over 40 years and the original plan was for this space to be a Sports Park. However when Woolworths moved in most of us in the community thought the original plan was lost. It is great to see it get back on track. Perth has a Velodrome which has a Criterium Track, Swimming Centre and Gym and other playing fields in the same space. It also has nearby accommodation which makes it a perfect location for any National competitions. This area has so much to offer with the Hockey Centre and Soccer fields nearby and if you look even further there is also a Lacrosse Club nearby as well. More multi use areas means our state has more to offer for large events such as National and Masters Competitions. I do hope that in making these improvements that we get it right and not try to short cut the potential of this space.

Government Agency

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing > Vivien Bing

26 Jun 2020

Thanks for your comments and long term interest, Vivien

Carmen Wentrock

22 Jun 2020

This is a good opportunity for cycling in SA. It would be good to see more people involved across the different types of cycling. A technical criterium course (i.e. up the hill or longer loop/shorter loop) that is available year round would be a great offering. Also, the location in the north of the city is great.

Government Agency

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing > Carmen Wentrock

26 Jun 2020

Hi Carmen, thanks for your interest

Oliver Graham

22 Jun 2020

There is an excellent opportunity for State and Local Government to engage with multiple sporting codes to establish a Northern Sporting Hub, similar to that of Narnungga (Park 25).

Cricket participation rates in this area are excelling with the 2019/20 SACA Community Cricket Club of the Year – Gepps Cross Cricket Club continuing it’s rapid growth with 13 teams (4 x senior male, 7 x junior boys, 1 x senior women & 1 x junior girl) and 113 Woolworths Cricket Blast participants utilising their facilities every weekend. As well as this, Roma Mitchell College have recently established a cricket program to accommodate the large cricketing talent and participating in the area.

Installation of hard wicket grounds with covers suitable for winter sports (Gecko matting) allows more cricket to be played with the council saving money on preparation and maintenance.

Government Agency

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing > Oliver Graham

26 Jun 2020

Thanks, Oliver

anthony mcloughlin

22 Jun 2020

In maintaining criterium racing popularity, we need a city based crit track. Not Gepps Cross. The Adelaide parklands are ideal. Assuming half of CSA membership base is south of the city, i cant see how a crit track located at Gepps Cross could draw cyclists across the city for summer mid-week evening/weekend racing. The Victoria Park crit track location is proven and works. For the longer term, a suitable year round track should be sought in the Adelaide parklands. As a competitor, the surounding coffee shops and pubs is also atractive to competitors for pre/post social activities...

Lachie Ambrose > anthony mcloughlin

22 Jun 2020

Hi Tony,
It's important to see this as an "and" rather than an "or". We have a big enough racing population in SA to have multiple venues working in conjunction with each other. Ultimately we would love to see extra dedicated venues, whether it's in the parklands, the south, the hills or any other region. Vic park can't be our dedicated venue due to its designation as a major events space, but with a second facility at the State Sports Park, we'll be able to show to the various levels of government what can be achieved with a dedicated venue. It will also provide options for racing for those who are based North of the city, who might struggle to make it to Vic Park during the week.
Lachie (CSA)

Government Agency

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing > anthony mcloughlin

26 Jun 2020

Thanks chaps, love the keen spirit