How can we improve the Teachers Registration Act?

Consider the questions in the discussion paper - Enhancing Teacher Registration in South Australia.  Join in the discussion below.

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29 May 2019

Hi Martine,
Thank you for taking the time to comment on this issue.
The review of the Act will encompass looking at issues such as recognising professional practice in non-teaching roles such as yours as well as exploring a new category of registration for those teachers wishing to remain registered but not teach.
The requirement for provisionally registered teachers to transition to (full) registration is part of the nationally consistent approach to teacher registration that was approved by the Minsterial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs in October 2001.
Any teacher who is unable to transition to (full) registration may apply for renewal of registration under a modified process and will be asked to provide an explanation on their renewal application as to why they cannot transition.
So when you apply to renew you will be able to do so under a modified process. Please give Sue Fox, Manager of Registration a call and she will be able to discuss your situation with you - 8253 9700.


28 May 2019

The registration board need to take into account work outside of direct teaching as hours still contributing to your ongoing teaching/learning. I stand to loose my registration because i can't make it off provisional. I chose to work in a OSHC as a director as i couldn't get a teacher's job 15 years ago and wasn't aware of the need to get off provisional back then.
Since then, i've had children, one with medical needs, that required flexibility in my hours for medical appointments etc. I've relief taught in and off over the last 8 years, I'm still working in OSHC and as a SSO, both of which require me to plan, guide, teach and record progress if children's learning. PD's are required for both.... why can't the positions count to some days worth of teaching over the 3 years. I would like to keep my registration, but as i can't meet the requirements to go off provisional...i now have to decide whether to give it up. Why should my 4 years of study, years of teaching and relief teaching be put to waste, because i chose my family and my children's wellbeing over my career when it was needed.