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Linda George

05 Aug 2020

1. Mature aged apprenticeships and traineeships - there should not be any age discrimination (which there is) EVERYONE no matter their age should be able to apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship - as long as physical ability does not impact job performance. (extra incentives should be offered to an employer to take on a mature aged person)
2. To be able to change career options with no restrictions of level of education e.g. can't apply for apprenticeship because person has too many other qualifications that do not relate to the current apprenticehip being applied for.
3. Apprentices and Trainees being abused and bullied by employers with no recourse
4. Apprentices and Trainees need to be able to report to an authority more easily and with impunity; of abuse and bullying and when an employer is breaking the law and a thorough investigation be performed.
5. Members of the Commission should not have any "conflict of interest" in any aspect of the running the Commission
6. The Commission ensure there are adequate "regulatory officers" employed to monitor employers, apprentices and trainees (otherwise the reform of the Bill is redundent before it has started).
7. The Commission members should have excellent knowledge of a wide scope of industries. e.g. keeping in mind traditional and new technologies and industries
8. Have harsher penalties for employers who consistently break the law, focusing on disreputable industries like Hospitality for starters.
9. Remove and relocate apprentices and trainees from abusive employers who are blatantly breaking the law.
10. Create a database recording abusive law breaking employers so apprentices and trainees are never placed with them.
11. The Commission should already have knowledge of a great deal of the ongoing problems and should be pro-active and not re-active in its dealings.
12. To gauge whether an employer is a fit and proper person to employ an apprentice or trainee - what type of investigation would this entail. e.g. criminal record check; relative industry fact finding; has employer been reported to SafeWork SA or other industry regulatory bodies?
13. Regularly monitor apprentices and trainees and streamline the process for apprentices and trainees to lodge complaints or concerns or transfer to another employer, assuring confientiality if at all possible, so there are no repercussions or penalities for the apprentice or trainee.
14. Ensure the apprentice or trainee receive at least a "living" wage.
15. Open up the parameters regarding "trades/skills" (checking the National Skills Needs List; there are alot of areas not covered) e.g. tyre fitter/wheel alignment; stationhand; fencer; animal husbandry; cropping; farm mechanics; wool classer; accountant/bookkeeper; information technology specialised areas, engineering specialised areas, to name a few. Employers such as a Farmer and Grazier cover many skill areas

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Andrew Humble

18 Jul 2020

Nice to see when both State and Federal make this great annoucements the veteran community always gets missed. If I am wrong and either government has included our unique issues into account; but history is dictating to me this lesson has not yet been fully rectified.

It was hard enough trying to get work pre covid with the extremely poor qualifications we recieved, always over qaulified and over experienced for the roles are service qualifications provide "equivalincy too" in the civillian world.

UNDERATED is what veterans are, asking for a reassesment of our qualifications giving greater impedence of our war like service in terms of qualifications. Companies now will need people able to assess and and resillience aquisitions, our whole supply chain is dependant on Supply of parts from offshore.

Now if consider the level of attainment comeing through universities at present they are just products of the same culture, that has eroded our education system. Bringing veterans back into terrtiary studies bring the debate back to centre and focus on things perhaps civvlians do not see, because they have not had that level of threat pushed against them in order to remember why we do what we did to get to where we are.

We bring leadership and core knoweldge of how our country is supposed to work by the letter of the law, no grey areas the system is designed to be apolitical. Our attitude and ethics being able to discern the right decision to make under pressure, no civillian gets that unless they become a physician or first responder.

So much we know and have had countless exercises pushed beyond breaking point, something for right now this country needs. We trained for issues like what happened in Victoria, during this coronavirus, every exercise we ever did usually had some form of protest that our millitary leaders had to respond too.

Not once did we ever have an issue blow out of control ever like the health crisis is right now. ALl because of failed leadership of people not being able to make the right choice when it mattered.

its what happens when socialism gets into the education system, medicocracy creeps with the dumbing down of expectations of what accademic success means.

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